What's the best way to get from Heathrow to Glasgow?

I’ll be landing at Heathrow on a Saturday morning after a red-eye flight with baggage and a couple of tired kids. I then want to go to Glasgow for a few days of fun before returning to London. What’s the smartest way to do it?

Booking a flight would be best. I’ve taken a train before and it takes hours. A plane only takes an hour and a half.

Just out of curiosity, have you been to Glasgow before?

Practice, Practice, Practice?

Look for flights on BA or BMI (they’re the same now, but I don’t know if they’ve integrated all of their flights). They’re full service airlines, and won’t charge for bags. EasyJet and the discount ones will charge for checked bags and carryon, so the total ticket price can end up being higher. I recently went from Heathrow to Edinburgh on BMI, and it was about $60 (not GBP) per person. Be sure and leave yourself adequate time between arrival and departure, because you’ll have to go through customs and immigration (I assume you’re arriving internationally).

On the return from Glasgow to London, if you’re going to be staying in London awhile, don’t feel like you have to fly into Heathrow. Pick whichever airport is convenient or cheap.

You can fly or go by train. For the train, there’s a direct line from London Euston and the trip takes about 5 hours. There appears to be a sleeper service from Glasgow to Euston, but not vice versa. Flying will probably be cheaper, and should be quicker, depending on connection times.

Fly. I’ve done the journey by train (though from Gatwick) as a tired kid and it’s incredibly effing boring.

That might not be so bad with tired children if they can sleep.


British Airways and BMI are your choices from Heathrow. Both are full service airlines, with allocated seating and hold baggage included in the price. Refreshments are free on British Airways and for sale on BMI (unless you buy ludicrously priced “Business Class” tickets).

British Airways leave from Terminal 5 and BMI from Terminal 1.

For the train option, you would first of all have a lengthy journey to Euston, then the train up to Glasgow. Surprisingly, there is often very little difference in price between air and rail.

I’ve done it, and with others recommend flying, not the train nor (shudder) driving. The train ride is not scenic IMO, not that comfortable IMO, and can be hit-and-miss for delays.

Have you ever tried sleeping on a non-sleeper train? Short of keeping the kids awake for 36 hours beforehand I don’t see it happening.

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