What's the best way to give my mom a bunch of songs for her new iPod?

Other than burning a bunch of CDs, that is? I know I can’t just sync her iPod with my laptop, stick a bunch of stuff on there, and then get it from her iPod to her iTunes without downloading some quasilegal program, right? So what’s a nice, easy, simple way to do it?

How much music do you want to give her? You could give her an iTunes gift card. Personally, I would copy some music from my music folder to a USB stick.

This is what they make flash drives for.

Why are you unconcerned about copying mp3s yet worry about the legality of ripper programs? The programs essentially let you use the ipod as a flash drive.

ETA: Oh, is it just the simplicity of it? Then yeah, the flash drive is the way to go. But some of the programs are pretty simple, too.

I can’t remember exactly how at the moment, but you can set the ipod for ‘data only’ which allows it to act as a portable flash drive. You can’t play these files on the ipod as is, you have to load up the ipod, unload the songs onto your mom’s pc, erase the files from the ipod, load the songs into your mom’s itunes playlist, uncheck the ‘data only’ option on the ipod and then load the songs onto the ipod.

Otherwise go with any flash drive that’s kicking around.

I think it may be easier than that. You can just open the ipod folder through My Computer (this is assuming windows, I don’t know much about macs), and then drag and drop the files you want.

SharePod. It’s perfectly legal, it can run right off the iPod, and it will allow transfers in both direction such that the iPod will actually be able to play music put on it.

That sounds about right, I’ll double check when I get home.

While most responses will be fact based, this is probably better in IMHO, since opinions abound. Moved.

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Yes, that does work perfectly. Cheers.