What's the big deal about ...

… Golden Tee Golf? Every time I see a Golden Tee machine in a bar, there is a long queue of young, corporate-attired men, waiting to play. Supposedly, there are national Golden Tee competitions. WTF?

… countertop game machines in bars? It seems like the female equivalent of Golden Tee; every time I’ve seen a game machine on top of a bar counter, it’s ALWAYS occupied by a posessed-looking woman feeding it with $5 bills every few minutes.

… Von Dutch caps? Huh?

… lower back tattoos on women? How did this fashion trend emerge out of thin air? Why do so many have the word “JUICY” in elaborate script on them?

I killed my own thread!

Golden Tee machines are hooked up via phone lines, and players who have registered (you get a swipe card) compete in weekly tournaments for money and stuff. I’ve heard that the top players actually buy their own machines, and they play from home. It’s also popular as a bar game, and the graphics are impressive. The controls allow you to impart backspin and curves to the shot.

Von Dutch was the most famous of the custom pinstripers in the early days of hot rodding. I’ve heard he’s still working.

My guess on lower-back tattoos on women is that they are found on women who like to bend over in front of tattoo artists. There are popular rumors that the tats indicate that the woman is a hooker, or that she likes anal sex. I believe those rumors are wishful thinking, but I could be wrong.

I think Golden Tee is a fun game and have enjoyed drinking a few beers and playing a few holes while at a bar, but I don’t quite understand why it has attracted a small hardcore group of followers.

A well designed lower back tattoo can fit well with the contours of your body and look very flattering. Also, it can be hidden under most clothing if the lady likes, and she dosen’t have to look at it all day. Nothing to do with prostitution or anal sex.

Von Dutch is a nickname of one Kenneth Howard, a neo-nazi fuckstick who also liked to paint hot rods. Anyone wearing one of those hats is just pathetic.