What's the deal with airline peanuts?

What IS the deal?

Thanks, Mr. Seinfeld, you’ve given some wild thought provoking stuff.

A hush fell over the courtroom, killing six.

I like airline peanuts. I miss them. They’re a lot better than those crappy pretzels they give you now.

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I flew back with my fam from vacation, and my parents were sitting in front of my sister and I. My mom whirls around with a wrapper in her hand and goes “Hey, they must have had a PARTY.” Yep, they were handing out indiviual party mix packets. It was one of the silliest things I have seen in a long time. (can’t you see the stewardess with a lampshade on her head, and the pilot putting it on autopilot because “they’re starting to serve the PARTY MIX!”

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I don’t have a problem with 'em, not at all.

I take my own snacks on board.

I haven’t seen the honey roasted kind for a while. Those were the best! Now they have those shitty old salted Planters kind… :frowning:

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The last several times I’ve flown commercially, they didn’t even have the salted kind!

It seems that some people are deathly allergic to nuts. Although the probability of one of them actually being on a given flight in infinitesimal, and anyway they should know not to eat nuts if it will kill them, the airlines would rather not face a lawsuit.

It reminds me of Malcom in the Middle last week. A PC mother threw away Malcom’s mom’s brownies because there were walnuts on top. She admitted there weren’t any people who were sensitive to nuts at the party, but felt it was her duty to get rid of the nuts anyway.

If you are allergic to nuts, don’t eat them. It looks like if I want peanuts when I fly, I’ll have to take my own PBJ.

“I must leave this planet, if only for an hour.” – Antoine de St. Exupéry

Are you a turtle?

I was on a Continental flight last week. We got peanuts, pretzels, and cookies!

Johnny - the problem is that if you’re seriously allergic to peanuts, you can get sick just inhaling the peanut dust. There was a thread on this in GQ http://boards.straightdope.com/ubb/Forum3/HTML/005672.html and one of our very own(johnnyharvard) had to spend several hours in a hospital because of the peanut dust in the air. And it doesn’t matter if the person next to you ain’t eating theirs - the air is so recirculated in planes that a person on the last row can catch a cold from someone in first class.

Besides which, pretzels are better for you anyway.

That last line was brought to you by the Department of Redundancy Bureau. :slight_smile:

On my flight the other day, I was thinking “damn, that’s the SMALLEST bag of peanuts I’ve ever seen!”. It was this teeny, tiny bag of nuts- maybe 10 or so.

On the upside of plane snacking, they offered me the whole can of soda this time instead of a crappy little cup!

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** Screw 'em! **
If someone can’t handle breathing a whiff of peanut dustlest they vapor-lock and die, then they best construct a plastic bubble and damn well say in it. I feel sorry as hell for them, but the whole world should not come to a halt every time some statistially insignificant group is put out by some universally common substance.

I’ve very sorry to have veered off-topic, but I am really sick of that crap. Really, really sick. Seriously, deathly ill. Having a reaction now…OK, everyone in the world has to respect my sensivity to this now.

I liked the peanuts too, except it was damn hard to get the little bag open. Had to use my daughter’s teeth.

That’s my main fear related to aging – not being able to open containers without help.

Picture it, waiting for some youngster to visit so they can open the jar of Prego. Then have them open everything you’ll need till their next visit.

Sounds like a pretty good ploy to get you to buy drinks! :wink:

Sorry, I’m with Flang Dang(Funny name, BTW) on this one. Maybe not “screw em”, but, come on! Peanut dust? Puhlease! There’s a fine line between trying to accomadate everyone (i.e. wheelchair ramps, TTY/CC, etc…) and just going way overboard. Where it’s drawn, I can’t say, but this seems like a bit much…

Mike Mulligan had a steam shovel,
a beautiful red steam shovel.
Her name was Mary Anne.

LOL Auntie Pam! My mom does this every time I go over to her house. Along with carrying heavy stuff up and down the stairs, rearranging the furniture, etc… They do have some things that give you a mechanical advantage over stuff like that though. I have seen an under-the-cupboard mounted grip for jars as well as a handheld “grip” with an extension that gives you enough leverage to crack the seal and get the damn thing open. Hell, half the time I have a hard time opening those damn things. Seems like someone would’ve invented a better way to get rid of the vacuum in those things like a little, easy to open pressure release valve or something.