What's the deal with Ameros? (Unified N. American currency)

And to think - those Jews would have gotten away with it, if they hadn’t put a letter D on the coin…

Why does he hyphenate stand-by?

Because he’s bonkers in the nut.

I like the details of the alleged unification scheme and how the elites are going to make millions, maybe billions when they do it. It basically boils down to:

Step 1: Merge three countries and their respective currencies.

Step 2: ???

Step 3: Profit!

File off the letter D from each of the coins and sell the dust as scrap - that would be my plan.

Okay, Hal Turner’s website isn’t working. Come on, guys, fess up. Who did it? I know it was one of you. If you tell me now, you won’t be punished.

I couldn’t say - you see I’m keeping my head shoved firmly up my ass, even when the truth is right in front of me.

The site is back up now - looks like it was taken down so that Hal could withdraw his kind offer to operate the gas ovens.

Yeah, I see. First time I’ve ever seen it. I like how he offers as proof of his Ameros conspiracy theory a cite from WorldNetDaily.com. Yeesh.

I’d like to think we would come up with a better name for a unified currency then Amero.


The ultimate evidence: the National Post, which spent several weeks in 2002 manufacturing discussion of a North American union which nobody else was even talking about or the least bit interested in, hasn’t even picked this one up, to my knowledge.

So who is Daniel Carr? A disgruntled former employee of the Franklin Mint?

Those designs seem awfully U.S.-centric. I don’t really see any obviously Canadian or Mexican elements to them; by contrast, the little shield on the first two seems very reminiscent of a common U.S. motif, found in the Great Seal of the United States and the Seal Of The President Of The Unites States Of America, and the third one has freaking Pocahontas and Jamestown on it. Who in Mexico or Canada cares about Pocahontas and Jamestown? And the other side looks just as U.S-centric; that’s a very American (U.S.) looking eagle, not much like the Mexican eagle. (By contrast, the designers of the euro coins and notes were extremely finicky about the common design elements of the currency not favoring one EU member state over any other; for instance, all the various architecural drawings on euro paper money are fictionalized rather than depictions of actual identifiable structures from any particular place.)

Also, there seems to be a surprising lack of Stars of David, Hebrew lettering, and big-nosed Jews dancing triumphantly on the grave of White, Christian civilization. :rolleyes:

Yes, there is an odd contrast between the paranoid fear of foreign nations and cultures and the designs of the coins themselves which as many have pointed out look like something the US would put out by itself.

If the coins are any indication of the influence of US culture and history on this alleged impending union what’s the big deal?

I’ve never heard of this guy before, is he really on the radio somewhere?

Sure, they’re ugly, but are they ugly enough to replace the current US coins?

Mr. Gibson? :stuck_out_tongue: I LOLed.

No, just a coin designer. He’s behind the Rhode Island and New York Statre Quarters and was a finalist in a few other states. He’s not the one pushing the idea of the Amero, he just was the one who made some design mock-ups that Hal Turner is using as “proof.”

For extra irony, the US dollar is already a de facto multinational currency. Many nations in the Western Hemisphere peg their currency to the dollar, and some even do so at 1:1, and use US notes and coins. Even in the places which aren’t officially tied to the US dollar, most merchants will still accept them, though not necessarily at the official exchange rate.

I vote we drop Hal Turner a note outlining new plans to introduce the shekel as the currency of the expanded North American and Zionist Union. I reckon I might just about be able to hear his head explode from here in England… :smiley: