What's the deal with Ameros? (Unified N. American currency)

So Hal Turner seems to be pretty exercised about this…


Snopes debunks it, but Turner claims that the debunking is just an attempt to discredit him, and that a single North American coin is on the way.

Is there any truth in this at all?

This site describes them as “private-issue fantasy pattern coins”.

Yes, that’s proof alright! - because nobody else could produce a coin with a letter D on it. No Sir.

Hal Turner’s website makes me understand how people could think the Marry Our Daughter website was real.

Loons come in all flavors these days.

Turner’s point was that this site was produced after he’d “exposed” the story.

There is a wiki page on it - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amero - which describes the examples as “prototypes” (rather than pure “fantasy”), which may be significant.

The chap behind the website has also done work for the US Mint that has been issued, so he’s “professional” in that sense, rather than just a novelty designer.

Seems credible to me.

Presented without comment:

Yes – those bankers could create a North American currency union without any debate in the Canadian Parliament, Mexican Congress and United States Congress. Makes sense to me too.

The site had been around since 2000, but the Ameros design is new.


If eventually a unified currency is introduced, I am sure that Canada and Mexico will have more input on the design. The iconography on those fantasy coins is far too American for Canadian tastes. Both the Liberty shield and the eagle would be outright rejected by Canadians as far too American, and I am sure Mexico would want the coins to have a far more multinational look. If that was a real design, those coins would probably have Canada and Mexico more up in arms than the US.

And that Hal Turner guy is sure an anti-semitic raving loony isn’t he?

Hmm… I didn’t realise Hal Turner was that extreme. I went to his site via Snopes, but didn’t realise it was a full-on Hate Site. :dubious:

Anyways, it sounds like the Amero has been mooted by various groups, but that it’s not made much progress further than hypotheticals.

here’s what Snopes has to say.

Simply a lie, according to the Snopes story that you say you’ve already read.

Well, I was looking for something a bit more definitive than “That was not the case”.


Here is the facts as I see them:

1.) It is true there are people who support the concept of a unified NA currency, but this is purely hypothetical. The support for a single currency comes from scholars, and not from any government bodies.

2.)Canada’s dollar is doing quite well right now, and Canada’s economy is in an upswing, while we know the US is facing some signs of a downturn, from Canada’s perspective this would not be a good time to unify their currency with the US, or Mexico.

3.) Three governments would have to approve this first in concept, then create a centralized bank, and then in design. I can assure you that this has not been in the news anywhere in Canada, and I am sure that it has not been on the news in the US or Mexico.

4.) The website Hal says had been put up after his story had leaked, has actually been around since 2000, although the internet archive does not have the coins page archived on there earlier than 2007-09-10 (today) as shown by the following URL:
Full Internet Archive of Daniel Carr’s site: http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://www.designscomputed.com (Proves that the site was up in 2000).
Google’s cache of Daniel Carr’s Amero page is from 30 Aug 2007 05:14:11 GMT.

5.) Daniel Carr designs coins, and fantasy coins so there is no reason for Daniel Carr to claim that these are his design, and that these are fantasy coins and many more reasons to believe him. In fact, if you look on the left side of the globe on the back (eagle on face), you can see Daniel Carr’s logo on Hal’s coin:

6.) The design of these coins would be considered too American to be a multinational coinage. The design is very American, and neither Mexico nor Canada would accept the iconography of that design. Just ask a Canadian if they would accept an American style liberty shield/liberty lady, stars, troy oz (Canada is Metric) or especially an eagle on coinage which is supposed to be for all three countries. All those images are very American, and are associated with the US, not Canada nor Mexico, a design for a NA coin would need to be either very generic, or very multinational to be accepted by Canada (some Canadians are quite anti-Amercian, and many would feel this coinage is an affront to Canadian sovereignty). Also why would it be the Denver mint producing the coin? Would not Canada, or Mexico have a say in where the coinage is minted?

7.) Hal Turner is a raving mad anti-semitic conspiracy theorist. He cites and anonymous treasury agent. If the person who sent this to him is anonymous, then how does he know that the “agent” is actually an agent, and not someone who thought it might be fun to pull his chain!

I can’t speak for Mexico’s desires regarding the Spanish language, but the fact that there is no French on the coins (though “Liberty,” “One Hundred,” and “Twenty” appear in English) means that they would likely not be approved by the Canadian government.

Very true! I was just about to edit my post to mention the lack of French and Spanish - but I missed the edit window.

Given the need for three languages, and given the difficulty of agreeing on iconography that fits all the countries, I would think the most likely solution would be that of the Euro:
(1) No languages on the coins, but just numbers;
(2) A map of North America on one side;
(3) Separate designs for each country on the other side.

But all this sort of stuff gets debated publicly, and not decided by a small group of bankers belonging to a single religion, except in some people’s fantasy world.

And did anyone notice the fascist overtones of the designs? The martial eagle bestriding the world, gripping the lightning-bolt in its claws… reminds me of some of the iconography of the 1930s. There was even an actual fasces on one coin!

And, yes, the lack of French and Spanish on the coins, but the presence of English, would doom that design.

Given the need for three languages, and given the difficulty of agreeing on iconography that fits all the countries, I would think the most likely solution would be that of the Euro:
(1) No languages on the coins, but just numbers.


Well euro coins do say euro or cent on them but I get your point.

Breaking news from Hal Turner’s website:

Even if this guy was not a sick hate monger, how could anyone sane take this nonsense seriously? And they closed the Denver Mint to stop anybody asking questions!

The governments of three nations are conspiring in secret to merge? And the evidence is that somebody made a coin? A coin? The U.S. can’t even give away its own dollar coins because nobody wants them, but it’s going to put out a coin for a secret merger with Canada and Mexico? What kind of logic is this? Who thinks this way other than raving loonies? (Which is an insult to Canadian coins!)

The only real question is to ask yourself what could be wrong with your brain to take these people seriously. In any way. For even one second. If you don’t point and laugh whenever they open their mouths, the terrorists have won.