What's The Deal With British Streakers?

      • What’s the public attitude on this in Britain? It seems that most of the time when I find photos of any streaker shown interrupting a televised professional sports event, it’s in Britain. Most of the rest of the time, it’s Ireland or Austrailia, two sort-of British places. I’m talking mainly of the (non-XXX) photos at StrangeCosmos, but I’ve noticed it elsewhere a long time ago too: where are the Chinese streakers? The Argentines? The Lithuanians?

You misspelled “pubic”.

Perhaps it’s an attempt to prove it’s not SO cold here…

No idea. It’s not that commonplace, and in fact I think there’s just been an incident in Oceania supposedly sponsored by Vodafone!

I think it peaked in the 1970s here in Australia. I don’t remember the last time I’ve seen one here. I remember as a kid seeing one get smaked on the arse with a cricket bat for his trouble. I forgot who the batsman (or buttsman) was though.

So you weren’t watching the rugby then?

The deal with this (it’s the Vodafone incident IJGrieve mentioned) is that Vodafone agreed to pay a couple of fools to run across the rugby field wearing nothing but goosebumps and a painted-on Vodafone logo.

V. didn’t plan it, but they did condone it.

And the batsman was Greg Chappell, at the MCG.

Watched a programme on this a few days ago (I know, sad…)

It seems the laws In the UK remained a little bit more lax than in Australia, where it was clamped down on hard, due to the disruption of major sporting events.

I thnk there are only about 3 streakers in the UK (barring all the random drunks) who do all the televised streaking. One guy, who has streaked at most events (Tennis & snooker(?) this year) seems to rack up most of the coverage. He states his wish to (un)cover all major sporting events. It’s like a hobby to him.

Was it not some radio station (AAA?) in Oz which started the streaking by asking listeners to get thier logo on TV by any means possible and win a cash prize?

Speaking of racks, why are streakers almost invariably men?

Less black eyes.

It’s a British mating ritual.

So you can see their shortcomings.?

Not the girl that ran through the screen at the opening of the 1996 Wimbledon finals! :slight_smile:

Both players lined up on either side of the net, cameras clicking away, the TV shows the shot of the players. A roar from the crowd, and vooom, there she was! Both Malivai Washington and Richard Krajiceck cracked up. The latter was so relaxed by the experience that he won the tournament!

Ah, there she is! :smiley:

Warning kids, some nudity there, athough I counted 0 nipples and half a buttock.