What's the deal with cell phones?

Any time I walk out of the building I work in, I see people outside buildings chatting away on cell phones.

Presumably, these are people who work in these office buildings.

So, the question–why do people chat on cell phones, when they probably have phones in their own office?

Maybe they’re not allowed to use the office phone for personal calls? Maybe they had to get out of the office for a while?

I use my cell phone all the time…I may be at my client’s office but since I am self employed it’s the best way for anyone to get a hold of me.

I will be in my client’s office on my cell phone talking to another client.

There are a lot of sales people that pretty much only give out their cell phone, same reason as me, best way to get a hold of ya.

The reasons are as varied as the job or person I am sure :slight_smile:

I know you mentioned office buildings but I just wanted to add that many hospitals do not allow cell phones to be used inside the buildings because of the equipment being used and possible interference. Here where I work, there are always many people standing outside using their cell phones because they did not want to use hospital house phones and have to make their calls either collect or on calling cards.

Hey, man, I have 300 minutes to use up a month. That, coupled with the fact that I don’t have a door to my office, and it is better for me to be seen chatting on a break outside than sitting at my desk at a break, where it looks like I’m just discussing Survivor with my sister on company time, are the reasons.

Look at everyone giving legitimate reasons for all these people using cell phones. My theory is this:

When there in their office it’s much more difficult for everyone to see all the important work they’re doing, so important in fact, that it even intrudes on their break time. Not that everyone uses their cell phones to show off, but many do.

Oh yeah, and then there’s the whole thing about reception might be better outside, with no piping and wiring surrounding them.

Lots of people, especially those in offices where the phones are monitored, prefer to talk with corporate recruiters and set up interviews on their cell phones. At my work, anytime someone is out in the parking lot on the cell, you can bet that they’re negotiating salary.

That, and who wants to talk dirty at their desk? You can get fired for that stuff!

I was in a six car auto accident yesterday. And five of the other six drivers had cell phones and were already calling their insurance carriers. I already have an inferiority complex, but I felt like a true peasant when I had to wait until I got into the office to call mine…

As soon as there aren’t any extra per minute charges, I’d love to get a cell phone. They’re just the epitomy of convenience.