what's the deal with Drop the Mic?

Where or when did this thing start? What’s it supposed to mean or signify?

I dunno, but as a former sound guy, I find it offensive if it’s meant literally. Those suckers are fragile and expensive.

Wikipedia article on mic dropping: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mic_drop

Not sure when it started, but I request that it end today.

I’m offended by the cutesy “mic” spelling. Mike, dammit!

Not only is the mic fragile, but the sharp transients of it hitting the floor can fuck up your PA gear.

It’s like an exclamation point to say you won. Pretty sure it comes from rap battles where one guy would drop the mic when he was finished rather then hand it to the other guy.

Yeah, I used to work as a sound guy with someone else’s equipment. I was told if they drop a mic once (it was just done out of carelessness back then), they get the Electro-Voice 635A. And if you get a chance to swap it in mid-set, do it. You can drive nails with a 635A. I saw my employer demonstrate this, then mic a guitar cab with it. It also doesn’t have the fullest, richest sound.
So, yeah. Unless you brought your own mic, don’t do this anymore. It doesn’t prove anything, and if the sound guy is paying attention you’re going to get a less than stellar mic the next time you’re handed one.