What's the deal with lawyers, and how long should I wait for something to happen?

I live in California. I needed to consult and get help from an attorney in Oregon regarding a real estate difficulty. I tried 3 lawyers who never responded to my emails. Finally I called one, and got an appt. for a conference call. That went through, he agreed to help me, I immediately sent him the documents and a retainer worth 2 hours billable time.

It’s been 2 weeks. He didn’t acknowledge receipt of the documents, and he hasn’t communicated anything else either. I don’t necessarily expect results at this stage, but the occasional email saying “workin’ on it” or something would be nice. Is that not something lawyers do?

So, for those with experience (this is my first time with a lawyer) what should my expectations be for communications, and for actual resolution of the problem (that 2nd part may be difficult because I don’t know what he has to do to fix it)?

How long should I wait before I joggle his elbow?

Can I joggle his elbow without incurring additional and unnecessary billable time?

Bumping this once in case someone has something to say about it.