What's the deal with Methodists and pumpkins?

I’m curious as to whether this is a local practice or more widespread. There are (near as I can figure) three Methodist churches in Orange Park. All three of them have Pumpkin Patches - they’re selling pumpkins. I’m assuming this is an annual fundraiser.

I don’t recall seeing Methodist churches in other areas doing this. So, Dopers, thither and yon, do your local Methodists sell pumpkins this time of year? Or any time of year, for that matter? Or is Orange Park just unique?

Now that I read what I’ve written, this is definitely one of the odder threads I’ve ever started. Carry on.

None of the Methodist churches around my town sell pumpkins, but I’m covering a rather small area. Hopefully someone more helpful will drop in.

My wife and her family are Methodists. I don’t think there’s any connection between Methodism and pumpkins.

Around here, the local Episcopalian church is hosting a rather large pumpkin patch fundraiser. None of the other nearby churches are doing the same.

So then it sounds like maybe it’s a local thing here. I guess it beats having yet another church bazaar - around here, those seem to be confined to the Catholic churches.

Well, thanks for the info - maybe this thread could include other unique fundraisers?

You’ve never heard of the ancient Methodist Pumpkin rites?!

One of the Methodist churches in Texarkana has an annual pumpkin patch fund-raiser.

One Methodist church near my home sells pumpkins, they have for the last five years or so - sort of filling a void left by the pumpkin patch closing a few years ago. From what I know no other Methodist churches in the area sell pumpkins.

It’s a common thing around here, too. Most of the Methodist churches have a pumpkin patch every year. Of course, the local mega-size Baptist church used to have a fair in the parking lot every year to sign up people for Vacation Bible School. You know, the strip mall fairs with the cheesy rides and fixed “games of skill”. I never quite figured out the link between cupie dolls and God.

Buy two pumpkins, get a free Methodist.

For a limited time. Offer good while supplies last.

We get our pumpkins from the local Methodist church every year.

In fact, that’s how my husband and I mark our time here. We are living in an area we never really expected to live in, due to a job transfer. We really only intended to be here a year or two. Every year when the church puts out its pumpkin patch, it’s pumpkin time again. We have now been here for 7 pumpkin times.

My church is selling pumpkins right now and we’re not Methodists…

…and, yes, it’s a fund-raiser for our teen groups.


The Methodist church on campus has a pumpkin patch. As I was raised Methodist, though, I can definitively state that there is no connection between Methodists and pumpkins.
Squash, on the other hand…

[This page](http://umns.umc.org/03/oct/wd1010.htm#Pumpkins make dreams come true) makes me think it’s a common thing for Methodist Churches to do.

The Methodist church around the corner from me (relatively) in Lexington has a pumpkin patch. It’s very festive looking.

Methodists and pumpkins are coexisting in my 'hood as well.

I am not far from you Fairy Chat Mom and in my neck of the woods the Carillon Methodist church is the only one that sells them. The Presbetarian Church offers a “Harvest Party & Attic Sale” this time of the year but that is all.

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Q: What is a Pumpkin Patch?

A: What a pumpkin wears to quit smoking of course!:smiley:

Dunno. But there are many UCCers and Lutherans around here who have a strange link to gourds.

Thanks for the link, ** Phoebestar**! That’s a pretty definitive answer - 700 churches participating, and three of them within 5 miles of me!