What's the deal with this Ebert column?

Here’s the article. Is it some kind of subtle sarcasm? It’s so hard to tell with creationists. I sent him the following email to get some clarification:

Roger, WTF???
Your concerned friend, Baraqiyal.

Do you think his web site got hacked, or does he actually believe this stuff?

Maybe he just watch the new Bill Maher film, “Religulous” and was pretending to be a teacher forced to teach creationism?

Or maybe his medication kicked in while he was writing his column.

Seems like he’s trying to show how ridiculous the “alternative” to science teaching is.

–and he’s letting the ridiculousness speak for itself by presenting it without comment, straightfaced.

It’s a whoosh. Ebert commented on it personally on Richard Dawkins’ website here.

Here is a piece where Ebert rips Creationism without tongue in cheek.

Thanks, you’ve set my mind at ease.

Well good. I was almost feeling glad that he got smacked in the face at TIFF.


The last Q & A,

suggested to me that it was satire. I’m glad it was.

Roger Ebert’s been getting more outspoken (ironically, considering that he still can’t talk yet) lately about political issues. It’s sort of like his illness and surgery made him feel like he has to seize the day, so to speak, and give his opinion on things more important than film.

I kind of like it.

Ebert has responded to the confusion. He is let down that evolutionists, or at least those that don’t believe in creation, frequently did not realize he was kidding.

Dawning Age of Credulity

Roger is a firm evolutionist and if you have read his articles over time, this should be obvious. He’s actually a bit let down that fellow evolutionists didn’t figure this out, while creationists seemed to “get it”.

Roger has become a bit of a free spirit since he lost his voice. I like it.


Free spirit indeed. Check out this answer to a question is his “Answer Man” column a couple of weeks ago: