What's the deal with Trump and Windmills?

According to this tweet…

“Whoever does public relations work for this garbage has done an incredible job,” Trump says, after a long rant about wind turbines getting a “puff piece” on 60 Minutes. There are few constants in Trump’s world, but his hatred of windmills is fierce and consistent.

Why does he hate windmills? What did they ever do to him?

He thought offshore windmills ruined the view from his Scottish golf course. That’s it. That’s the whole reason.

I would imagine he’s dimly aware it’s clean energy and that’s not in keeping with conservative “principles”.

I kind of assumed it had something to do with his oil producer friends, but the golf course thing somehow makes sense to me too.

They make him tilt.

Windmills are where monsters go to die…


The important thing was that he asked to have them removed and was told no. He really hates the n word.

I bet he secretly loves the n word…

Oh, he hates the n word. It’s the N word he loves.

“asked” ? Really?asked” ?

It’s not even so much the fact that he was told no, just that it proved he had no influence (let alone power) in Scotland or the UK.

trump feels badly for all the unfortunate people who’ve gotten cancer from the sound of wind turbines.

his hatred of windmills is downright quixotic.

Windmills are a clean, renewable source of energy. That is in the realm of “democratic liberal”, so he hates it. If Christ came back to earth, Trump would crucify him again because he is a liberal socialist. That’s who he is.

Thanks, everyone. I knew there must be a reason, however insane it might be.

Wasn’t there also something about all the birds they supposedly kill? Or maybe that was just a “reason” he came up with after he had already established his position on windmills. (As if he gives a rat’s ass about dead birds.)

And Dulcinea wouldn’t put out for him?

This is a gratuitous insult on an honorable Spanish hidalgo, retract it or be prepared to offer satisfaction in the field good sir!

Probably not. A lot of them (the big corporate ones, anyway) are likely involved in wind farm (and other ‘green’ energy projects) as well. Even if oil and gas are their bread and butter, the major players all realize they need a fig leaf and that means investment in wind. They love the PR of supporting wind and solar and so on as long as it doesn’t interfere with the rigs.

For Trump, this is more or less about NIMBYism and being told no. Same reason it’s taken so long to get any traction for wind projects off Nantucket Island or Martha’s Vineyard.