What's the density of alcohol?

I am actually trying to work out how many Kcalories there are in a millilitre of alcohol. The stuff I can find about it is only ever expressed in KC/gram. But alcoholic content is only expressed by volume: so, how many millilitres in a gram of alcohol?

0.79 g/mL

Sweet. Thanks. Close thread?

My CRC Handbook lists the density of ethanol as 0.7893 g/mlat 20 degrees C.

Methanol is nearly identical, at 0.7914

n-Propanol is 0.8035, while iso-Propanol is 0.7855. Interesting. I’d have expected them to be the same – must be a packing issue.

My scientist son will be home quite soon, but in the meantime you couldn’t google “alcohol density” why?

BTW, I suspect that when my son gets home at nearly midnight he’s probably going to ignore your question precisely BECAUSE it was such an easy one to establish the answer for yourself…

In the interests of science, let’s establish some paramaters here. You are quite clearly talking about ethanol. Which particular form of ethanol?

These are the kinds of threads which Manny simply closes.

And when he does, we applaud him. :slight_smile:

There are different forms of ethanol? Lets see… CH3CH2OH and HOCH2CH3…looks the same to me…can’t think of anywhere else I can place that hydroxy… :rolleyes:

I agree that Google might have answered this question very easily, but (and I don’t know if this is the case for jimm) not everyone knows that ethanol is a particular type of alcohol, and wouldn’t necessarily even know that drinking alcohol is ethanol. Sure, more googling can answer that for you, but taking the time to ask and get the answer you can be pretty sure is right isn’t as bad as suggesting that ethanol has different isomers! By the way, Google would have answered that for you, too…

I did also know it was ethanol for dietary use, but didn’t think to type ‘ethanol’ into Google (I wouldn’t dare ask a GQ that could be easily googled! :)).