whats the difference between a money order and a cashiers check?

i never really knew what a cashiers check was

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A check drawn on the bank’s account rather than your’s. A certified check is your check with a bank’s added promise that they will honor it.

And a money order has nothing to do with bank accounts. You can purchase one at a bank, but also at a post office or many stores.

You buy a cashiers check, and change your mind, you can immediately turn around and cash it back. Minus their percentage for handling the transaction, of course.
If you really need to, and sometimes you might.

A money order, you might have to wait until they actually collect the money, before they’ll credit your account.

Cashiers checks= cash.
Certified checks= cash, but can only be cashed after verified.
Money orders, more common, but also more suseptible to fraud.
Cashed, and credited, only after verification.

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