What's the difference between an IRA and 403(b)?

What’s the difference between an IRA and 403(b) investment account? I have looked through brochures at work and I’m still puzzled. I have surfed the web and can’t find a good explanation.

Does anybody want to answer or refer me to a good web site? Maybe this belongs in MPSIMS, but I thought financial mysteries are just as interesting as science, nature, and history questions in the GQ forum.

IIRC a 403(b) is like a 401(k) for not-for-profit companies. Those two types of plans have to be managed by your employer. An IRA is something you can open up yourself at just about any bank.

Talk to a financial advosor to get SD on things that concern your money.

You can open your personal IRA with any of the many no-load mutual fund companies out there (Fidelity, Vanguard, T.Rowe Price, Janus, etc.).
You’re on the web? This is a good place to get information. One of the above mentioned families has a good site at www.vanguard.com.
Take your time.
Remember that there is only one person in this universe who really, really cares about how you end up financially. Educate that person.