What's the easiest program or website I can use to send a 50MB file?

I have a movie file that’s 50MB in size. Yahoo and Gmail won’t let me send it because it has a 25MB limit, even though Yahoo has this thing where you can attach large files but for some reason it doesn’t work. I’d like to be able to send this file, but my friend has Gmail too and I’m afraid that it won’t take the file even if I find a free email to send it.

Is there someplace like Imageshack, where I can upload a 50MB file without any sign ups or creating a user name with an email then just point her to the URL and have her download it?

Mediafire.com? DropBox.com?

I use DropBox. Works great.

Another vote for dropbox. I sent several hundred megabyte files with it.

I have used DropBox but not extensively, is it fairly easy to transfer files from one person’s account to another?

DropBox may be the best solution, but I’d also mention FTP sites are very powerful for this type of application. I have a simple FTP site that has around 350 GB of space on it and often use it to distribute files. It’s very easy if the other person has an FTP program installed, you can give them a temporary or guest account so they don’t get access to everything. Also generally FTP sites come with web hosting or virtual machine hosting, so you can even create a simple website that lets visitors download any file you wish as a link from a web link you can give them.

I imagine DropBox is probably simpler than those things, but FTP is worth mentioning and is how I’ve been moving files around since the 1990s before the days of P2P file transfer and etc…I think for some applications it’s still a strong solution.

An envelope, a thumbdrive and a stamp?

What I do is upload to my Public folder then share the public link with whoever needs to get the file. It’s not public in a sense that it’s published and searchable, it’s just public in the sense that whoever accesses the file via the link doesn’t need a Dropbox account.

Basically like a FTP account but you use the Dropbox software and people don’t need to figure out FTP. They just click a link.

Who is your FTP space provider, if you don’t mind me asking? I’m in the market.

Thanks guys, I’ll check out the suggestions

Did anyone else read the title as asking about a **SDMB **file?