What's the easiest way to earn a million dollars?

Given $10-15k as a starting point, what should I do in order to turn that into $1m?

(Don’t bother suggesting things like lotteries or pyramid schemes or drug dealing.)

This is IMHO material. Here’s a starting point.

I suppose you don’t want to hear “bet it all on red” either?

Seriously, could you define your question a little more clearly? Are you asking for some good investments? Are you asking what kind of job you should seek to earn a million? What probability do you want?

The easiest way is to is to take the 15k and put it in a safe investment earning about 5% a year. You will have $1,000,000 in 87 years.

When I was in the military and society didn’t care about discriminating against gays, the big question used to be, would you (perform oral sex on a guy being a guy yourself) just one, single, time for a million bucks?

I’m not a millionaire, but then no one ever offered the million bucks.

That’s if you put the $15,000 there and just leave it alone. If you start with $15,000 and add $1,000 more per year, it will only take 69 years. If you add $2,000 per year, you’ll have a million in 60 years. If you go totally wacky and add $5,000 per year, you’ll only need 46 years.

Very easy. But time consuming.

And if you start with $15k, and add $100k per year, you can make a million in less than ten years. That’s faster than 46 years.

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Easiest way is time. You won’t be a millionaire, but your kids will.

If it were easy, fast and a sure thing, we’d all be millionaires.

Publish a book titled “The easiest way to earn a million dollars!”

On each page you print with big font:

Publish a book titled “The easiest way to earn a million dollars!”
(OLD I know, but not yet used here) ;j

The only way to turn $10-15 k into a million, other than gambling or being extraordinarily lucky in the market (which given the risk for those kinds of returns are essentially the same thing) is to start some kind of business and grow it.

And that is seldom easy.

Can you put a powerful laser in orbit for $10-15K and then use it to threaten the governments of various Western nations into giving you $1,000,000? If not, then I got nothing.

My vote is either for opening a business or going to college, studying hard, getting a good job, and making something of yourself.

I’m no millionaire (not a priority for me), but the most crucial ingredients are surely hard work and motivation, rather than how large of a bankroll one starts with.

(Assuming of course that your beginning bankroll isn’t a) zero or b) $999,997.65; or a figure substantially alike one of those two numbers.)

But it can be incredibly fulfilling. Not speaking from personal experience, but my last-last job put me in touch with a large number of small-business owners. Scary as hell, but you could tell that the people who were in the black (or at least profitable) were having the times of their lives. :slight_smile:

Oh, yeah…not for me - I stress at that much risk. But for a certain type of person, being an enterpeneur is an incredible rush.

But the OP asked for easy. And whatever it is, if its going to make you a million bucks fairly quickly and legally, it probably isn’t easy.