What's the fastest moving object in sports?

I remember that I used to hear that the hockey puck was the fastest moving in all sports(racing not counting as a sport). However, I haven’t heard anyone say this for quite some time. This led me to believe that it was true no longer. So, I wondered what overtook the puck. So, what is the fastest moving object in sports? For the purposes of this topic, the object must be propelled only by the strength of one person, without using any machines. A bicycle would count as a machine, a golf club or a hockey stick would not.

IIRC, the ball(?) used in jai alai.

Dang! I was going to mention the shooting sports! :smiley:

Hockey pucks aren’t even close. It’s the jai alia ball. Not, mind you, that you’d want to be hit by Ray Bourque’s slapshot.

Peregrine falcons - used in Falconry - can reach 217 mph during a dive. The fastest Jai Alai speed seems to be 188 mph. Falconry is by definition a sport :slight_smile:

Yes, but a falcon fails one of the OP’s restrictions:

Nice try. :slight_smile:

This site claims it’s badminton:

Golf club head (Tiger Woods)? Probably not 199mph, but close I’m sure.

Is Archery (including the use of crossbows) allowed? - OK, the object is propelled by the bowstring, but the energy to cock the crossbow (or draw the bowstring) comes entirely from the human.


Bow/crossbow = machine; ignore me.

Well, considering that racquets, hockey sticks, and pelota are simple machines as well…

The jai alai equivalent of the racket is called a cesta, whereas the pelota is the ball.

I really have to question the 120 mph speed with relation to hockey. That speed is alway attributed to Bobby Hull, who did have one hell of a slapshot. However, that 120 was recorded in the early 1970’s and I don’t think that the measuring equipment was all that good. Since the NHL has had a skills competition, I think that the fastest shot recorded was maybe 108. I think that is probably a more realistic number than 120.

Oopsie. Bad, bad, bad Gorsnak.

Would throwing a javelin off a cliff qualify?

Is a bullwhip used in any sport? Because the tip exceeds the speed of sound, making the *crack[p/i] sound.

…and my coding exceeds the speed of “D’oh!”

Well, if you’re going to excude Bobby Hull’s slapshot because it was recorded in the 70’s, you also have to exclude the jai-ala record, as it comes from 1979. I think a more likely explanation is the curve of Hull’s stick than any changes in measuring equipment.

Also, what in the world is jai-ala? I tried googling it, but I didn’t get any explanations. Fear Itself’s link gave some pictures, but I’m still unclear as to how to play the game.

Well, first off, Rysto, you have to be South American. Then, you become suicidal. Then, you let people bet on whether or not a speeding wooden ball is going to impact your fragile head.

Fun to watch, tho… :slight_smile:

Jai Alai rules