What's the fastest you've ever gotten out of a car?

I can get out of my car in about 5 seconds. That’s putting the car in park, shutting it off, taking off my seatbelt, removing the key, getting out, and locking the doors again. I’ve also worked the shutting off the headlights into the routine, even if they’re not on, so that I won’t accidentally leave them on.

i know the slowest I’ve ever gotten out of a car.

I’d been dating this boy named Mike for a while. I was a junior in high school, and he was two years older than me and had graduated. He had this green Mitsubishi, late model, that he was incredibly proud of because he was paying for it himself. Even though it WAS a Mitsubishi. It had automatic everything and it was low to the ground. I used to climb in and out the windows because I could never figure out where the damn door handle was on the inside (plus it’s just fun).

One afternoon he picked me up from school and took me out to late lunch/early dinner. He then brought me home and we sat in my driveway talking for a while. I climbed out his window and sat on the ledge, and he got out of the car on his side and leaned on the roof, and we stood there talking. Then he looked at his watch and realized it was time to go to work. We said goodbye and he got back in and started the car as I prepared to get down and go in the house.

I had one hand in the car to stabilize myself; he had automatic seat-belts that swing back and lock into place when the key is turned. I got my wrist caught in the seatbelt and couldn’t get it out. My arm got dragged the wrong way across my body and stuck in the locking mechanism, leaving me with a huge cut along the back of my wrist. In surprise and shock, I lost my balance and fell off the window ledge, landing in a semi-heap on the gravel of my driveway with my arm stuck in the air inside his car. I somehow managed to hit my face rather severely on the door panel and got a bloody nose.

I didn’t cry, but I did start hollering at Mike to get the seatbelt off. He was startled and instead of turning off the car so the belt would go away, he jumped out of the car (leaving it running), ran over to teh passenger side and stood over me repeating “Oh my god, Jenn, are you ok?” while I sat with my good hand clamped against my face, tugging at my other arm to get it loose from his satanic seatbelts. In the meantime, my yells woke my father up from where he was napping in his recliner in the living room, and he marched out shirtless to see what this evil Mike person was doing to his precious baby girl…

Eventually Mike had the presence of mind to hit the release clip on the seatbelt so I could get my hand free, he apologized, I went inside.

We broke up three weeks later after a completely unrelated argument. He never did bring up the embarassment of this issue.

I once fell out of a car moving 20mph. Fast enough for ya?

Really BIG bee.

I can match your five seconds. :smiley:

A guy I was seeing started himself on fire in the passenger seat of the car I was driving. We pulled over pretty quick. The fire got put out and he was fine, but it is one of the funnier driving stories I’ve been involved in.


The fastest? Probably 20-25 mph. I was hanging onto the top of the car while my friends sped around the neighborhood. My friends inside started to drive onto a main road even though I said to stay in the neighborhood. So I jumped off at the corner as they slowed down.

Man, riding on the hood of a car on a main road would have been dangerous :rolleyes:

BTW, the fastest I ever stayed on a car hood : 109 mph

Once when I was in London I was knocked over by a guy who pulled up to the curb, jumped out of his car before it stopped, and ran directly into me. Time getting out of car: about 2 seconds.

Two seconds later, his brand-new BMW burst into a huge fireball.

I was driving a '64 Chevy that had a little problem with the engine timing. Nothing big, just the occasional backfire.

After hitting a particularly large Minnesota post-winter pothole, the distributor cap cracked, and completely discombobulated the timing. A couple of huge backfires, then a second or two of silence when the engine quit, then BOOM!!!

The muffler blew right up through the floorboards, dirt and bit of metal flew everywhere, and I took my leave of the car. I thought the damn thing was going to Krakatoa. The car rolled down the road a bit, jumped up the curb, and then stopped short of the sidewalk.

When my friend got out, he proceeded to berate me for abandoning him in an exploding car.

What can I say? His reaction time just isn’t as quick as mine.

I just spewed my drink over my keyboard for the first time ever.

Thanks, Tommy :slight_smile:

LMAO :smiley: