What's the Franklin Conspiracy Exactly

Some months ago I was listening to Sean Hannity on the radio when a woman called Hannity and began criticizing Hannity for being political and not being separate from world politics when Jesus had said “My Kingdom is not of this world.” So Mr. Hannity asked if she’d say the same thing if the Holocaust was happening. Than the woman asked if he’d heard of the “Franklin conspiracy”. Hannity didn’t have time to respond because of incoming advertisements and hanged up. Being it was mentioned in the context of the Holocaust and World War 2 I thought the “Franklin Conspiracy” had something to with President Franklin Roosevelt but then today I was surfing on a ultra fundie website (who deems Jack Chick a heretic) and it talked about the Franklin Conspiracy being a child sex slave ring by US politicians in the '80s. I know better than to trust them so I ask for some unbiased information of the Franklin Conspiracy.

The Franklin Conspiracy is, like you mentioned, usually used to refer to a conspiracy theory that the Republican party in the 1980s ran a child prostitution ring using orphan boys from Nebraska. And, of course, if you believe the conspiracy theory, everybody in the Reagan-Bush White House was involved in it It’s called the “Franklin Conspiracy”, because one of the alleged ringleaders was a guy named Lawrence King, who was a Republican fundraiser and an officer in the Franklin Community Federal Credit Union of Omaha, Nebraska. Here’s a Wikipedia article about it:


There’s also a book called “The Franklin Conspiracy”, about the voyage of the Erebus the Terror, two ships that got lost in the Arctic in the 1840s while trying to discover the Northwest Passage (that were commanded by Sir John Franklin), and that there was a plot by the British Admiralty to get rid of him and not find him. That’s probably not what the woman you heard on the radio was referring to, though.

There’s also a novel called “The Franklin Conspiracy”, written by Gordon Collis, which is about a secret society founded by some evil conquistadors who are trying to take over the world, and a real estate agent who’s recruited by the Vatican to stop them. The plot sounds gloriously horrible, but that’s probably not what she’s referring to either.