What's the going rate for a digital download of a song in Australia?

On iTunes, Amazon, or whatever the most common sources are to download songs.
Looking for common prices for legal paid downloads. Not asking about illegal or quasi-legal sites, not asking about legal but free downloads.
Reason why I’m asking, but not looking for a debate here in GQ:
There’s an infographic going around Facebook that compares the price people willingly pay for trendy coffee at a Starbucks or wherever, yet they balk at paying 99¢ for a song. A friend of a friend chimed in with “If it cost 99¢ here in Australia, I would”.

So, what does a song download cost in Australia?
(And how does that compare in U.S. dollars?)

$2.19 for Happy (Pharrell Williams) on iTunes. That’s $1.97 USD.

Here is itunes Australia (remember the prices are in Australian dollars).

Copy and paste this link: https://itunes.apple.com/au/artist/id114361 For some reason, it automatically changes to “US” if I click directly on it.

Here is a currency converter.

I couldn’t find any MP3s on the Australian Amazon.com site.


When iTunes launched in Australia, a track cost $AU1.69. At that time, given the exchange rate, I don’t think it was too far off $US0.99.

Then iTunes introduced “DRM free” tracks for $2.10 each. I think the store defaults to offering you the higher priced format if the rights holder has agreed to sell it DRM free. Some tracks are available only as the $1.69 version.

Then the Australian dollar strengthened against the US dollar until the Au dollar was actually worth slightly more than the US. The iTunes price did not drop, so we were paying the equivalent of more than $US1.70 per DRM track that still only cost $0.99 in the US.

Around this time there was a lot of discussion about the “Australia tax” (the often inexplicable markup on goods here vs their US or European price). An example: One software package available for purchase online and delivered by digital download (so no shipping or domestic wage/operating costs to contribute to the vendor’s bottom line) was so much more expensive for Australians that it was cheaper to fly to LA and back to buy it from a US store than buy it online. ITunes got dragged into this because of the disparity between the US and AU prices, but I expect they are locked into contracts with the local rights holders that don’t allow flexibility with the exchange rate. That didn’t make it hurt less to pay so much more for the identical product (although, to add insult to injury, I think the Australian store has a smaller catalogue: less to choose from, but at higher prices).

A lot of good information, Eliahna. Thanks for elaborating!

Amazon doesn’t sell MP3s to Australians, unfortunately.

The “Australia Tax” is (rightly) an ongoing source of frustration and annoyance to people here. Parallel Importing (ie buying “name” products from overseas where they’re much cheaper) is one way around it, but with digital downloads (like the specialist software mentioned) it can be harder to

There was a parliamentary enquiry recently (last year, maybe the year before) which summoned some of the major players thought responsible for the massive price disparities to parliament and demanded they explain themselves, and for the most part the responses appear to have boiled down to “Because fuck you and we can, that’s why”.

Last I heard the government was considering making geoblocking illegal as a result of the enquiry, but it seems to have all been put on the back burner for now.