What's the going rate for copywriting an Annual Report of a major corporation?

A friend who works freelance (mainly as a journalist) has been approached about providing the copywriting for an annual report of a corporation (in the utility field) where she lives - Singapore. The deadline is tight: just 2 weeks to read the voluminous materials, meet with management - probably one day - and do the write-up. Then to be available for a week or so to make any necessary revisions.

The job scope includes the following:

  1. Drafting (around 75 to 80 pages)
  2. Editing
  3. Meetings with management
  4. Professional reading of reference materials
    5 . Liaison

I mentioned there were quite a few writers on the SDMB, and she asked if I could sound you out for any advice/feedback on the sort of fee she could charge. She says fees in Singapore are slightly lower than might be expected in the States, and she can make the necessary adjustments to numbers quoted here.

In the US, I would charge about $47,000 - $60,000 if I did it myself, depending upon the complexity and my schedule over that 4 week period. This would not include production of the actual report itself, nor production of even a “draft” as-printed copy, nor would it include travel costs, which would be either billed cost-plus or in advance with a contractually fixed number of visits. This would include personal repro and research costs, phone, fax, taxes, overheads, and use of a personal assistant full-time for 4 weeks.