What's the greatest movie poster of all time?

My brother’s 30th birthday is coming up and I know that he would love a framed movie poster for his appartment. He is an illustrator and LOVES MOVIES - he knows them all. Is there a great movie out there with a fantastic concept or illustration layout for its poster?

Mrs. Chastain and I just bought a classic King Kong poster for our home office, and had it framed.

It looks like this one.

It’s cool-looking, and yet timeless and classic.

“Attack of the 50 Foot Woman” has always been a favorite.

For retro posters, I always liked “Gun Crazy” (particularly the red one on the bottom here):


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I kinda dig the Godfadda.

The original Mad Max posters were way cool. The ones in French or German are even cooler.

Check em out. Type “Mad Max Memorabilia” in google.

How about Jaws
It’s got it all; big, scary monsters and nekkid ladies!

The Estorick Collection in London is currently doing a good exhibition on classic Italian film posters. Lots of good stuff, but for impact there’s nothing to match the earliest example they have: a big fiery one by L. Metlicovitz from 1913 for the great baby-eating Carthegian epic Cabiria. It’s reproduced as Figure 6(a) on this page.

Gotta love the original Star Wars poster.

And the famous James Bond one where he’s looking between the girl’s legs and you can kinda…sorta…maybe…see something… (I can’t belivee I can’t remember which Bond movie)

My personal favorite has always been the Polish poster for Altman’s Nashville. I bought one at Centre George Pompidou in Paris; lost it to a fire.


“The Blair Witch Project”

I think Eve is the best movie poster. She really seems to know what the hell shes talking about.

*Oh…that *kind of poster. Never mind! :slight_smile:

She told me she loved me like a brother. She was from Arkansas, hence the Joy!

By the way…its Easy Rider.

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That would be For Your Eyes Only.

We have that King Kong poster in our bathroom. I love the guy parachuting away from Kong.

My favorite poster that I own is a subway-sized French poster for From Dusk Til Dawn. Hmm, maybe I can find a link…


It’s a tiny picture, but it looks cool in real life.

This one.


Hee. Got that one too, Apoptosis. And a nice, big Brisco County promo poster over the TV in the living room.

We have two posters framed in our Home Theater Room: Jaws and Raiders of the Lost Ark.

BTW, prepare to cry when you find out how much framed standard-sized movie posters cost.