What's the highest address number you've ever seen?

Most US street addresses seem to be 4 digits, but I have seen several areas with 5 digit addresses. The highest I have seen are addresses in the 22000’s along Hwy. 67 northwest of Biloxi, MS.

What is the highest you have seen and where? (Not PO box numbers)

My address is 22454 and most of the addresses in my county are 5 digits.

This is Warren County Missouri.

My friend in South Lake Tahoe had an address of something like 42134. I proved that my car’s GPS used 16-bit, signed, two’s-complement integers because the address displayed as -23402.

I’ve seen numbers upwards of 45000 along I-10 around Houston.

Things have changed a lot in the last two decades as most rural counties have gone to new “city style” addressing systems that number from a baseline. The result is many, many house numbers in the high five digits. In eastern San Bernardino County, California (nation’s largest county) I took a picture of 153243 Cahto Rd., Earp, California. Looking at some maps, I suspect that San Bernardino County must have house numbers even higher than that.

Complicating this question are the unusual addressing systems used near Chicago in DuPage and Kane counties, which count number of miles from State and Madison in the Loop and produce results such as 46W330 Burlington Rd. Milepost addressing schemes on Florida’s Overseas Highway and in rural parts of a couple of California counties produce numbers as high as 120162 (literal meaning 120.162 miles from baseline).

Some Canadian counties have numbering schemes that produce six-digit house numbers, but the first three digits indicate an area and road number rather than distance from a baseline. O‘ahu uses a similar system.

How about the lowest: the first house on our street is 0 (zero).

All of the addresses in my town are 5 digit. Get away from the baseline avenue and they easily get into the 86000s.

I guess this has already been beat, but Hansville on the Kitsap Peninsula has houses in the 41000s. That’s the highest I’ve seen personally.

I used to live at 27652