Whats the link between hitler and Novelist Louis Ferdinand Celine?

I have heard speculation that Adolph Hitler got a lot of his philosophy From Louis Ferdinand Celines novel “Journey to the End of the Night.” My questions are

  1. Is this true?
  2. What did Celine think about it if so?
  3. Why was Hilter reading underground french literature?

any info would be great

Piffle. Celine was an anti-semite, but his main purpose in writing anti-semitic literature was to keep France out the coming war (as if they had a choice). “Journey to the End of Night” was published in 1932, by which time Hitler had things pretty well figured out (so to speak).

There’s a book titled “Celine – Man of Hate” that has a preface by Jacob Javitz. I’ve never read it, but I always got a laugh out of the title, and wondering whether Jacob Javitz is a Celine expert…