What's the longest typable word by alternating hands?(left, right, left, right)

Here it is worded a bit better:

What is the longest word able to be typed by alternating hands (one letter on left side, one on right, next on left, etc.)?

I got this given to me in a trivia chat room.

Easy: it’s the same as the longest regular word. Just hunt & peck for the first letter with your left hand, then hunt & peck for the second with your right hand, etc.

(Yes, I know what you meant, I’m just a smartass.) :slight_smile:

From A Collection of Word Oddities and Trivia, Page 8

LEPTOTHRICOSIS, from what a gathered from a Google search, is apparently another name for Actinomycosis, a bacterial disease known as “lumpy jaw”. LEUCOCYTOZOANS is the plural form of a parasitic bird protozoa. Both have 14 letters.

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Writing that perl script to check /usr/dict/words turns out to have been a waste of time.
For the record, though, it cranked out “authenticity”.
Guess I need a bigger dictionary. :slight_smile:

You probably knew this, but the longest word that can be typed all on the top row is “typerwriter” :0)

On the link provided above it says:

Byron Davidson believes EIGHTY-SIX is the largest number which when spelled out is typed with alternating hands, ignoring the hyphen.

umm… would it be eighty-eight?

You mean “typewriter”, right? That has 10 letters but so do…

And they are all top-row letters.

Unless, of course, the keyboard is the Dvorak layout :slight_smile:

How about when not spelled out?


Actually, there are three words with eleven letters matching this definition (depending on your dictionary, I suppose):

proprietory, proterotype, rupturewort

(from the single word spelling section of the rec.puzzles archive.)

the longest word without repeating a letter is uncopywritable


22 letters

It’s how you describe a religious bovine showing up for a class on cartography.

So is stewardesses still tops for one handed words?

For fairly common words, sweaterdresses beats stewardesses by two letters.