What's the most you've ever paid for a hotel room?

My sister had the idea of our family going to Biltmore for Christmas. For those not familiar Christmas is a big deal there with candlelight tours and lots of Christmas trees and Edwardian era decorations and the like. She specifically wanted to stay in the Inn at Biltmore (the hotel located on the grounds of the estate) because in addition to being very nice it includes admission to the estate.

I knew it would be pricy but I looked up rates and immediately thought ‘think again’. No way in hell am I paying $660 per night for a double room in North Carolina even if it “includes exclusive gift ornament” and breakfast (but not dinner). Unless that gift ornament was made by Faberge and has a “To Nikky, wub your widdle Allix” inscription it hardly offsets the fact that I could get a very nice room in Manhattan for much less than that. For $660 a room better include my choice of two concubines, an in-room omelette bar and luau, and a private dinner with the TV sitcom actor of my choosing.

So I’m trying to think of what the most expensive room I’ve stayed in is. I paid about $280 per night for a nice room in D.C. when I was on expense account, though when I went back on my own dime I used priceline to get an equally nice room for under $100, which is the most I consider at all reasonable for a hotel that’s not during peak season or during a major event (Mardi Gras in New Orleans or Inauguration in D.C. or whatever).
I should say I don’t like the beach and never stay in beach hotels and prefer vacationing in cities rather than resorts so that probably makes a difference. I’ve also gotten pretty good at finding good rooms cheap online so I’ll admit I’m kind of cheap- I prefer to have more money to spend on longer stays or dining or other attractions.

What’s the most you’ve ever paid, and if it was a lot, was it worth it?

I started to do this as a poll but decided to make it a response thread instead.

I don’t think I’ve ever paid more than $100 out of my pocket for a hotel room.

OTOH, the wife and I had a weekend at the Ritz in New Orleans that was part of a business convention (paid for by the company, of course). Damned nice room.

It’s been awhile so I don’t remember exactly but I think it was the between $100 and $150 a night I paid to stay at the Bourbon Orleans, located in the heart of the French Quarter.

I honeymooned in Vegas shortly after the Bellagio opened, and they had relatively cheap rates going on at the time (mid-week, off-season at a brand new hotel). We paid $99/night. We’d gotten some money for the wedding, so as our last night was approaching, we decided to find out, just out of curiosity, how much the penthouse suites were going for.

It was $700 well spent, for that one day/night. I don’t anticipate (or even particularly desire) to do anything like that again, but it was really enjoyable to do something that outrageous just once.

ETA: In general, I want to keep it under $100/night no matter where I’m staying, and I don’t think I’ve ever gone more than $150/night out-of-pocket. When I’ve traveled to DC for business, I’ve stayed in rooms that were $250-$500/night, but that’s because the job puts people up within walking distance of the office, down the street from the White House. That’s always expensive, but it’s also not my money.

The most I’ve paid is $180, but I normally pay more like $160 for a different place in that neighborhood. No breakfast, not hand-made quilts, but more privacy and better location.

I once enabled someone to spend over $300 at a Marriot. Not the best room in the house, and this was around 17 years ago, but that’s what rooms go for in that area.

I think it was $190 for a room with a balcony over looking the San Antonio River Walk.

$1,100 a night for two weeks in Barbados.

I can’t remember the exact figure, but around $500-600.

For pleasure travel I never go over $300 a night and usually stay under $200, and I have stayed at some nice places. I never book the really nice places during “prime times”…I try to catch things mid-week and at “off” times so I can get really good rates.

I could see going to the Inn at Biltmore but I would go in January mid-week when there is a nice selection of King rooms for under $200 a night. Probably my favorite room was this little 2 room Jacuzzi suite located right near the top of the Luxor pyramid in Vegas, this was shortly after 9/11 and the room was like $99 a night and they were practically begging people to stay on the high floors.

For business travel I stay cheap if there’s some event jacking up the prices and I use certain chains that I really like in the $100-$150 a night range …the chains tend not to vary their rates as much as the vacation and resort hotels.

Was it worth it?

The most I ever paid on my own dime was about $230, not for luxury but for location–at Uluru, in Australia. Everything is expensive there. Yes, it was worth it, because . . . well, because there was no other way to see Uluru.

Yep! Every night. Best place I’ve ever stayed.

I think I paid upwards of $300 a couple of times. Once for a room at Furnace Creek Inn and another time at the Metropole in Brighton Beach.

Dude. Love that hotel. Did you find the “secret” ballroom?

We ponied up $300/night to spend two nights at the Ritz Carlton Saint Thomas. We’d planned on a much cheaper bed and breakfast, but… a hurricane had hit it the week before. Oops.

Around $450 for all inclusive in the Mayan Riviera. For a “normal” hotel, non-work related, probably about $150, and I hate doing that.

I don’t think I’ve ever paid more than $250/night, and that was special. Doesn’t mean we haven’t stayed in some very nice places - we just don’t pay the rack rate. For example, we are spending 3 nights at the Wynn in Las Vegas this December, since we enjoyed our stay at Encore this spring so much. Total outlay for the room each time: $0.00. :smiley:

Paid EUR 600.00 for a room in Rome with a breathtaking view of the entire city. Came out to over $800.00 US. Normally use points for the swanky, destination hotels, but events conspired to require I pay in this instance. We certainly enjoyed it. Nicest hotel i had ever visited in the world at that point in time. Not sure it was “worth” that much, though. That’s a lot of scratch.

I travel for work a lot and enjoy a fairly liberal travel policy. We have deals that allow me to stay in many fine hotels for under $200 a night that would normally cost substantially more. There are also plenty of times I am forced to pay up to $300+ a night, depending on the location. But, that’s not my money, so no big deal.

Just a shade under $200 US.

(Once, $300 for a room at the Four Seasons, but that was a gift.)

About $500 a night for the Moana Surfrider in Waikiki. Although I’m actually from Hawaii, so it wasn’t that exotic.

I can see paying that for Rome, especially for a first trip. It actually reinforces my idea of ~$700 as a ridiculous price for Asheville, NC.