What's the name of the liver test that they run before they'll prescribe Paxlovid?

I’m trying to find online if our local CVS Minute Clinic will run this test, and I see that they do do that common lipid panel test, but I don’t know if this is what the pharmacist will want to see. I’ll call and ask a pharmacist when I get time to hang on the phone for a long time, but I thought someone here might know right away.

One should check the AST and ALT and bilirubin prior to prescribing, and be cautious about prescribing in folks with liver disease.

That’s all in a Chem24 panel, right? Wouldn’t that be what they should be looking for?

They should look for the AST and/or ALT (aka SGOT, SGPT) and possibly Bilirubin. Those can be found in your comprehensive metabolic panel, but it also checks over 20 other things. Some of which may come back irrelevantly & inconsequentially abnormal, which is why it is often best to just get the individual tests needed.

I don’t think these tests are run at the time of prescribing Paxlovid - they did not, when my husband got his prescription - but it makes sense that they’d look at recent bloodwork if available.

In my case, my liver enzyme levels were all perfectly fine - but the algorithm said “any indication of liver disease = NO PAX”. They wouldn’t even LOOK at the results of my bloodwork, and in my case, “indication” was based on my remembering that, during an abdominal ultrasound for other reasons, I was told my liver could be used in foie gras (i.e., fatty liver).

They may also ask if you’re on a statin - as those are contraindicated with Paxlovid (I’d have had to stop taking it until after the Pax was done with).