What's the name of the style of art you see on windows at hair & nail salons?

For years, I have always been fascinated by the decals you see on the windows of hair and nail salons. They have a very distinctive artistic style that strongly recalls the 1980s. They’re extremely outdated but you still see them everywhere, in every city.

The style is so particular. A good example is the lady on the cover of Duran Duran’s album “Rio.” Here is another good example of the style.

Does this style have a name? Does anyone have more information about its history?

Patrick Nagel

Could you be more precise?

Thank you. I will have to buy a Patrick Nagel book. Did he invent this style or just help popularize it?

some commercial art styles, like Beaux Arts or Art Nouveau, did merit names, and even lesser ones like Googie. I’m open to education if the easily recognizable and imitated style of Nagel has its own name.

Since this is about art styles, let’s move it to IMHO.

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As the link says, his style is derived from Art Deco.

More precise, and probably NSFW:

Patrick Nagel.

You’ll want Nagel: The Art of Patrick Nagel.

Thank you for the qualifier “derived from.” link to an Erte website

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