What's the Name of This Old British TV Show??

I’m trying to guess the name of this old British TV show. The clue given me was this:

Are ya dancin’? Are ya askin’?

Anyone help out an old Torgo? Bless you.

The Young Ones used that line:

Rik: “Are you dancing?”

Vyv: “Are you asking?”

Rik: “Yes”

Vyv: “Well, piss off!”

But in context, it may have been a reference to an earlier show’s catchphrase.

It’s called The Liver Birds. The phrase was used in a little song over the end credits of each episode.

It was about two young women from Liverpool, and stuff. I was too young to understand the comedy, but still watched it.

“Liver” here is pronounced with a long “I” for some reason.

The words in question are traditional for when you ask a woman to dance in a pub or some lame organised evening.

“Are you dancin’?”
“Are you askin’?”
“I’m askin’.”
“Then I’m dancin’.”

The Young Ones bit mentioned above was a parody of it.