What's the name of this style of house?

A few weeks back a friend of mine had described a certain style of small, wooden house which used to be popular on beaches. They had front steps but no real porch and, usually, a brightly colored front door, but she couldn’t think of what the style was called. I couldn’t, either, though I recognized what she was talking about. Lacking a name for them, I wasn’t really able to look up any further information.

I’d pretty much forgotten about the matter until I saw the latest White Stripes video and realized that, hey, those are the houses.

This is the video in question and the third picture in the top row of this gallery shows one of the houses as well. This is in the Nunavut territory in Canada, if that helps at all, though I know I’ve seen pictures of them elsewhere. I’m sure it’ll end up being something really obvious, but for the life of me I can’t recall what these houses are called.

There is an area near where I live with a lot of houses like this, they were built in the 40’s as cheap housing, it is mostly section 8 rentals now. I call then cracker box houses, square, cheap, not a lot to them.

A bungalow?

“A-roof” bungalow or cottage (in the U.S it could be a cottage, but cottage would mean many different things outside the U.S.).

Looks like a duplex Cape Cod to me.

Cape Cod! Yes! Thanks, John Mace. After looking around, it appears the style my friend is interested in is, specifically, the Colonial Revival Capes from the '30s, '40s and '50s.

Thanks for the other suggestions, too, everyone.