What's the next date that would be fully palindromic like this?

Well there is a person who know who was born using the DD/MM/YYYY format on the 20th February 2002 and it is 20/02/2002 or 20022002 and it reads the same forwards as backwards. It can be referred to as a fully palindromic date as it reads the same forwards as backwards. What I would really like to know is what the next date is that will be the same as this. Obviously 30/03/3003 but I also think that 21/12/2112 is another. And can anyone confirm that this really will be like this and is it a once in a million years or at least once in a millennium occurrence?

The next one after that was 21/02/2012. The next one after the present day is 02/02/2020.

01/02/2010 and 11/02/2011 were after 20/02/2002 and before 21/02/2012.

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If you’re not wedded to that exact format, then 9/1/19, 9/10/2019, 02/11/20, and 02/22/20 will be palindromic.

There’s a palindrome coming up on November 2nd, but it only lasts a minute:
8:10 (am) 2/11/2018

So Monday will be one under the d-mm-yyyy system. Cool, cool, cool, cool.