What's the official word/phrase for a mount for a stone for a necklace?

Ya know, where you twine this wire around the stone to set it in place, then attach the whole assembly to a necklace? Amazon was absolutely no help, as was the lady at Michaels, who simply waved casually at aisle 3 and left me to my own devices. The stone is about 1" by 3/4". Any linkys would be appreciated.

I wasn’t sure of the name myself since I never had to describe it to anybody else, so I googled it.

Apparently the official name is “wire wrapping” which is an apt description of exactly what you do in the process of making a pendant like that. Such a simple name that it’s easy to forget it’s a name at all.

A setting?

In general it is just called a setting. (ninjaed I see) There are a number of types, what you are describing is a BezelSetting, specifically a wire wrap bezel setting. A gemstone held in place with prongs and an open back behind (as in a diamond ring) is called a “Prong Setting” (how original!)

You can google some tutorials but it would be better to find a smaller bead shop (not Michael’s) and talk to the staff for their suggestions. Michael’s is not great at helping you figure out how to do the project. (unless you happen upon the right class at the right time, I suppose) To do a wire wrap bezel setting for your first wire project is a bit ambitious, but do-able (it is a bit fiddly, but not inherently hard, you just sometimes need a third (or fourth) hand). Staff in the local stores tend to be very helpful. The great thing about wire wrap is that you can make it wearable now, and if you decide after a bit more experience that you want to try again for something a bit more fancy you can take it apart and try again since you have not done anything to the stone. (ie no glue etc)

There are many types of wire out there. For wire wrap you don’t want “tiger tail” or “memory wire”. Thisis one brand of wire I have used with success.

Good luck with your creation.

Sometimes called caging if I’m reading your question correctly.

depending on the stone you can also use a flat back bail. It glues onto the top of the stone. If you use the right glue it will hold for years. I’ve done dozens of flat stones with flat back, glue on bails. They look very nice and professional.