What's the percentage of the time you spent really working?

So how much time do you really spend working, while supposedly at work?

The poll is anonymous so don’t worry about your bosses peeking :slight_smile:

Other than taking an occasional leak, or pouring/drinking coffee, 100% of the time. If anyone is still for more than about ten seconds my boss is on them like white on rice.

It’s so slow here that there’s only a little bit of work to be done in a day. When it comes, it gets done quickly, and then it’s back to reading a novel or whatever.

It depends on what I get assigned. Some weeks, it’s a flurry of paper and I have to dig my way out like it’s an avalanche. Other days, I’ll tell my director I’m looking for something to do, and all she’ll come back with is “just relax, and see if you can’t clear up some of that backlog of the internet you haven’t read yet”. Although, I guess the latter doesn’t fall under “supposed to be working”, since I was told outright to do nothing.

Also, I seem to be more “efficient” at some of this paper pushing than my co-workers, so I have to learn how to pace myself so I don’t look like I’m showing them up. :rolleyes:

Our work comes in waves too. Some days there is no-thing-to-do. Was like that last Weds, Thurs and Fri.

Other times, I can work as much as 20 hours in a day, for a few days straight.

And other times I just have those busy sort of days where things break, and a bunch of different clients want a bunch of different things, or I have a lot of bookkeeping to do or whatnot, and 5 PM comes super fast.

I do do a lot of waiting, then emergency stuff. Which I hate, but it’s not my fault. And I get paid well.

It’s been slow lately so I voted 20-39%. That’s probably what it averages out to in a month.

100% now, because I’m the only person in the office. There’s nobody to chat with and I’m only there a few hours a week, so there’s no reason to goof off.

Same with my last part-time job – I finished the work and left.

At my last full-time job, my desk was in an open area – there’s an incentive. :slight_smile: Didn’t seem to bother a co-worker though, who spent hours (literally) on personal phone calls and surfing. But she was boinking the boss.

I’ve had problems with this as a temp in the past - in that I work TOO much, too efficiently. I recall one assignment where I filled in for a real poodle-pounder - nothing like showing the bosses that the job that was taking her 40 hours a week took me 20, and I was still looking for more stuff to do. :smiley: I’ve more than once had a supervisor tell me to pace myself; there wasn’t anything more for me to do, and he didn’t have time to get some more stuff ready right away.

We rotate in and out very often. To the point where I’ll get a 20 minute break every 80-100 minutes or so. But in the 80-100 minutes I’m on, I’m working 100%.

Where’s the 110% option? I never get off on time, rarely have time to have a meal break and quite often go for nine hours without a toilet break. I’m rostered on for an eight hour shift and work solidly for nine or more.

I want a 100%+ option too. My only “down” time is during meetings I’m required to attend but can only contribute to a portion of. I multitask most of the day, yeah I know it’s not really multitasking but it works.

Even on sick days I usually put in 8 hours or more working from home.

I support IT for a huge pharmaceutical facility on my own most of the time for their critical manufacturing and distribution systems. Getting the stuff made and sent out same day is literally a matter of life and death. I have administrative work and training I can do on my own most of the time or I can develop my own projects or just take a long lunch nearby or surf the web. You never know what you are going to get though. It is considered good by upper level management when they don’t hear from me. I can go from completely bored to my heart racing at 120 beats a minute just picking up the phone and hearing something bad going down. My yearly salary gets paid many times over in one hour if I can fix a bad problem quickly. I am on call 24/7 too so it doesn’t matter if I take some time to relax during the typical work day.

I hesitate to calculate it. Even when I’m here, it’s only when I’m loading gigs of CAD data over the WIFI network. So do I call it working, multitasking, or goofing off?

At my old job, which is at a very small technology company (<10 employees) that went under, I would say I spend probably about 80% of the time actually working, whereas 20% of the time just hanging out on SDMB or goofing off.

At my current job, which is at a high-tech mega-corp, it depends on what you mean by “really working”. I no longer have time to surf the web during work hours. However, most of my time before 5 PM are mostly spent in bullshit meetings that rarely get anything accomplished. On an average day, I would probably spend about 1 - 2 hours after 5 PM to get some real work done, and then maybe another hour after I get home and eat dinner. That makes it about 20% - 30% of total work hours.

God, I miss my old job… :frowning:

I’m a college professor–okay, we don’t call them professors where I teach, but it’s a university–and I don’t always work at work, but that just means I have to take the work home and do it. I work as many hours at home, on my own time, as I do at work.

Probably between 90 and 100. It’s a production job and we don’t go home until the day’s work is done. It’s also an incredibly dull job, so very short (a sentence or two) emails to one another here and there helps to break up the monotony. That’s really the only non-working you see most people do around there.

Not clear. Staring off into space might be productive, or it might just be staring off into space.

I use to tell my boss he could count on me to give a solid eight hours of work every month.

I’d say I work 75% of a 40 hour week, yet I still manage to produce twice as much as my colleagues. God only knows what they do all day. There’s only so much internet you can read, isn’t there?

Well, considering most of my posts are during my shift…

When I was working nights here I’d say I spent about 25-40% of the day goofing off on the internet (depending on the day). Now it’s more like 1-10%, since I’m on the phone all day long with only a few breaks between calls (or no breaks if we’re busy and phones are queuing). It’s easier for me to stretch out the time when I’m entering faxes as opposed to taking calls, since we have a discrete amount of faxes to enter per hour and I can always get those done more quickly than the expectation. But with calls for the early shift, they never stop coming.