What's the plural of dais?

I tried both Merriam-Webster online and dictionary.com, and I either wasn’t reading the entries correctly, or it’s not there. Does anyone know what the plural of dais is? And I mean the raised platform where an altar or throne might rest.


My trusty “Big Blue” (Merriam-Webster’s Unabridged, 3rd ed.) says it’s “daises,” which jibes with my first guess.

Wow, you mean they make those dictionary things in books now?! :slight_smile:

Thanks a bunch, Scarlett67. I honestly don’t believe I have a printed dictionary in the house. If I did, I’m sure I’d get frustrated by the lack of a search feature.

Try www.onelook.com (in fact, everyone should make it a quick link button on their browsers).

Admittedly, only one of the top dictionaries it searched gave a plural for dais, but that’s because most dictionaries assume that noun plurals that are formed regulary (in this case, adding -es to a noun ending in s) don’t need to be listed, only irregularly formed plurals.