What's the point of those internet political polls that are heavily biased?

I saw this ad on the Talking Points Memo website, a popular left-leaning political blog. Obviously, if you’re on a left wing website, if you had to choose your “Favorite President” I guarantee you’d pick Obama over Trump 99 visitors out of 100. It says it’s run by DCCC.org which is a group entirely dedicated to getting Democrats elected into office so obviously they’re also invested in one clear candidate. I see these types of polls for both sides, including right wing websites with “Do you think Biden is doing a better or worse job than Trump did?” and obviously everyone visiting that website would pick worse.

I’m curious though, what’s the point of those polls that are so very obviously going to slant to one side? Are the pollsters actually using those polls on some obscure website or political campaign to justify something? “Look, 99% of Talking Point Memo’s viewers think Obama is the Best President ever, that means we have a shot of retaining Democratic Majority in the Senate in 2022!”

The “polls” I’ve seen like that are clickbait to get campaign contributions or PAC or party contributions. I used to see a lot of those on Facebook during the previous administration.

But know they’ve got a legitimate poll, which they can use the results for whatever they want (clickbait, article graphic etc) AND they have the data to back it up so you know it’s not fake…right? Of course accessing the data might involve finding a footnote which is a non-copy and pasteable link to another site, and then further series of pages to navigate before finally running into a paywall or a website that’s down and if you made it that far, you probably don’t really care anymore and you move on.

But the point is, as skewed as the poll was, it was still legit and they have the data to back it up.

The target audience for such polls is the people taking them. At the very least, you’ll get a die-hard Party A member, on an A-slanted site, who fills out the poll and sees that 97% of people agree with them, and so their views are reinforced. That alone would be valuable. But now, the folks who run the site also know that they’re dealing with someone who’s, first, a die-hard supporter, and second, not bright enough to see through an obvious irrelevancy, and a person like that is probably good for a donation. So, that’s another win.

It’s to make the poll taker feel special. “I KNEW I was right! Everyone agrees with me”.

That, and getting donations.