What's the real deal on female body hair?

Yeah, everybody knows that sex wasn’t invented until Madonna. Before then the stork brought babies!

Fine with the sarcasm. But if she knows about American penises, then she should know that they’re likely to be circumcised.

Oh yeah, because that would’ve made it better…

On the contrary, it seems clear that she spoke from ignorance and didn’t know anything about American penises. To her, American meant non-Muslim (or bad Muslim), and non-Muslims are un-circumsized, so . . .

My experience is that shaving everything (and expecting everything to be shaved) is more common among the younger and trendier sets. Also those who watch porn.

Could be a media thing - when the “ultimate hot” women/girls shave or show no body hair, and the magazines talk about brazilians with or without a ‘landing strip’, or a heart for valentine’s day, then you might want to do what everyone else is doing.

I was talking with some young gentlemen, in their 20s, about Seattle and the hippie/granola population of young women. It was a hot day, we were on a kyak and picnic trip, so we were all wearing tank tops. When we were shooting hoops (myself very poorly) I said that in Seattle you might see underarm hair on a woman on a trip like this.

OH MY GOD the reaction!!! Gagging and mock hurling and just closing the mind even to the possibility of such a vile and hideous possibility. I thought it was funny, so I teased them a bit. You would have thought I was making them smell fermented dog poop.

These were nice, eligible, good-looking guys. In one case, OMG good-looking. If a guy I was interested would react like that to something about my body, that I could change, that I knew was mainstream anyway, I think I might go mainstream.

An understatement, I think.