What's the real difference between O'Keefe and other media?

Are you seriously offering Ali G and Borat as journalists?

It does not appear to me that he concedes any such thing:

Emphasis mine.

He falsified the audio, Ibn. If you want to quibble with my use of the word “dubbed,” knock yourself out. It doesn’t change the fundamental fact that he falsified it. That is not something Michael Moore does, or anyone esle in the mainstream media except for Fox News.

You need to reread what he wrote.

Furthermore, the claim that O’Keefe “cut out audio, made it appear that things were said that were not” is simply not supported by the report on the incident put out by ACORN, nor is it supported the California AG’s report.

Here is the report put out by ACORN’s attorney which freely concedes that O’Keefe did not purport to show ACORN employees saying things that weren’t said.


Furthermore, here is the California AG’s report where again there is no reference to O’Keefe somehow making it appear that ACORN employees said something that was not said.


I’m sorry, but Miller was simply wrong when he claimed that O’Keefe made it appear that ACORN employees said something they didn’t say.

There’s nothing to support such a statement and ACORN itself isn’t making such a claim.

If people want to allege that O’Keefe is a jackass or not a real journalist that’s fine and one is on solid ground, but anyone alleging that O’Keefe altered the audio to make it appear that ACORN employees said things they didn’t say is making demonstrably false statements.

He altered the audio. Learn how to read. Your boyfriend falsified the videos. He made it appear that people were saying things they weren’t saying. Get out of fucking la la land.

If you wish to claim that water is not wet or the sky is red, you can, but claiming so does not make it so.

You have repeatedly alleged that O’Keefe “falsified” the audio to make it appear that ACORN employees said things they didn’t say.

You have yet, despite repeated requests to provide a single shred of evidence to prove this.

As I already noted, ACORN itself concedes the audios weren’t “altered” or “falsified”.

Here is the report from ACORN’s lawyer on the subject.


Obviously, since you’re persisting in claiming something that is demonstrably false, you must have some piece of evidence that Scott Harshbarger, the former Massachusetts AG hired to clear ACORN, and his team failed to find.

Please provide both a link and quotes from the link to show that O’Keefe altered the audio to make it appear that ACORN employees said something they didn’t say.

The cite has already been shown. The little bitch faked the audio. He dubbed in new audio after the fact to make it look like ACORN employees were answering different questions thatn what they’d really been asked. Your loverboy is a liar and a fraud. Accept it.

Why are you making homophobic remarks?

I thought you were a progressive?

Furthermore, as I noted there’s nothing in either report to support your assertion so please quote from a source that shows that O’Keefe altered the video to make it appear that ACORN employees said things they didn’t say.

I didn’t say anything homophobic. I think it’s cute that you have a little crush. Don’t get your hopes up, though. His type despises Muslims.

Please quote me where in the “cite” it shows that O’Keefe “faked the audio”.

If anyone wants they can look search the California AG’s report. The word audio is used seven times and it never says that the audio was “faked”. It merely notes that the videos presented to the general media were “edited”. The reason for this was that the interviews took around 45 minutes a piece so obviously no media outlet would play the full clip. However, Giles and O’Keefe during the controversy made the full videos available at Biggovernment.com.

As noted, the full videos have been looked at by both the California AG and ACORN’s lawyer and neither one of them has made the claims you’re making.

Sorry Dio, but you don’t have a leg to stand on.

For those reading, Dio has chosen once again, rather than admitting to making a mistake and taking the defensible position that O’Keefe is a scumbag who was deliberately trying to make ACORN look as bad as possible to die on the hill defending the laughable assertion that O’Keefe “falsified” audio.

Also, why do you keep making homophobic remarks at me?

Do you have issues with gay people?

If you’re trying to upset me, you’re far better hurling racial slurs at me.

That’s not really a quibble. You lied and were called on in and now you’re changing your tune.

No I’m not. He did dub in new audio.

Agree 100%.

What’s worth noting about the ACORN videos is that while both the California AG and the Harshbarger report make clear is that while several ACORN employees behaved inappropriately, no laws were broken by ACORN employees and while ACORN was guilty of poor management and training, they were guilty of malice.

Similarly, the NPR videos reveal two NPR fundraisers saying nothing while the other man rants about Jews controlling the media, but all this really shows is that when you’re trying to get rich people to donate money to you, you don’t tell them they’re behaving like an asshole when they’re behaving like assholes.

It’s sort of like how when I go to a car dealership to buy a car, if I start talking about how I hate black people, does anyone think that the salesman is going to look at me and say “get the fuck off my lot” or “you’re a racist pig”? No, he’s just going to either say nothing or nod in agreement. That’s what fundraisers and salesmen do.

Anyone who doesn’t wouldn’t last in either profession.

What I do find shocking is why the NPR executives didn’t do better research on the people they were meeting before agreeing to the meeting.

You appear to be ignoring the substance of L.G. Butts’ claim:

He edited the tapes to make them completely misleading. Whether or not he used fake dubs is a minor point. The deliberate misleading to create elements that are not true is the key point. You’re working with a very minor technical point here.

Please show the evidence for such a statement.

What are you citing.

It can’t be the California AG’s report or the report put forward by the ACORN’s lawyer.

Here are both and neither makes such an assertion.


Please, I’ve repeatedly asked you politely to produce evidence for this and you have repeatedly refused to do so and instead hurled homophobic remarks at me.

So once more, please produce a cite showing that O’Keefe “dubbed in new audio” to make it appear that ACORN employees said something that they didn’t say.

Have you read the California AG’s report or the report put forth by ACORN’s lawyer, Scott Harshbarger? I think Butts misremembered them because neither suggest that ACORN employees were made to behave differently or say something differently than what they actually did or said.

Furthermore, you’ll notice that Dio is rather specifically insisting that O’Keefe did deliberately use “fake dubs”.

And yes, there is a massive difference between having a video that is misleading and one that contains fake audio dubs.

Again, I’m not arguing that the videos weren’t misleading in that they made it appear that most of ACORN’s employees were willing to help a pimp and prostitute versus a few bad apples, but they were not fake.

They did enough to know to turn down the money.,

Twice now you’ve accused Dio of making homophobic remarks. Where is your evidence for this? Or are you just prone to making baseless accusations against your debate opponents in an attempt to portray them as somehow morally corrupt? Do you think it’s easier to win a debate against someone that can be portrayed as morally corrupt?

From Harshbarger’s report

Control-F for “loverboy”, I suppose.