what's the secret to linkage?

It’s the same '91 Subaru Justy and as far as I know everything is disconnected from the transmission except the linkage! I popped out 2 roll pins (1 within another) from the rod that moves into the tranny but it just will not let go. Am I missing something else? Or could these 2 rods have been held together by something else or have just fused together over the years?

Awwww, how cute, my first BUMP. hehehe

Who ever answers first can have my sister for the night!

A tempting offer.

Try soaking the whole thing in WD-40, tap gently with a hammer; might be rusted on.

What’s the manual say?

The manual doesn’t say anything except, and I quote Chilton’s, “. . . .disconnect linkage. . . .” Stupid linkage!!

Next step is gonna be to cut the damn thing off and weld it back later.