What's the story on Britain's stolen baby body parts fuss?

As I understand it, a Dutch doctor working at a British hospital is supposed to have removed various organs or body parts from dead babies and put them in storage, then moved on to another job, leaving behind all the stored items. He’s supposed to have done this for several years. I’m puzzled. What is supposed to have been his motive? How did he do this for years without anyone noticing? Or were others at the hospital involved? And are British parents really having second funerals for their children in order to bury the parts?

The Guardian has an excellent overview of the scandal.

It’s not just one doctor or one hospital, either.

Here is another article with a good explanation of the issues.


This is on top of a series of medical scandals from Dr Harold Shipman the serial killer who was struck off the medical register years ago for drug addiction and then reinstated from whence he started his murderous career.
There have been concerns over medical competance whose cases seem to be obstrcted at every turn when medical record go ‘missing’ and the compensation cases that can take as much as 8years to finally recieve judgement.

There is a public concern that the medical proffession in the UK has acted in a high handed, arrogant, and virtually unaccountable manner with investigating staff working in the same establishments of those brought to book and an uncomfortable feeling that it is all a bit too cosy.

Junior staff have been reluctant to report serious misgivings about others for fear of the damage it might do to their careers balanced against the miniscule chance that they would be believed and their concerns acted upon.

You could throw into the mix, serious staff shortages, shortage of funds, manipulation of statistics to achieve predetermined standards or just plain old unhygienic facilities.

This is just another not very directly related case that is feeding drip by drip into the concerns of the public sphere, slowly our medical staff seem to be losing the aura of mystical respect in which they are usually held.

Things are nothing like as bad as the impression that I have given here but medical matters are definately a hot political issue.

Try the Sky news website http://www.sky.com/news
It gives a good rundown on daily events in the UK.

I certainly don’t like the fact that deception was involved, but to be honest, I’m not really all that outraged. So the organs rotted in jars instead of rotting in the ground. Not that big a difference, really.

Here’s a link to the Redfearn Report on the subject, which was published yesterday.

Revtim you might feel differently if it was your child’s brain “rotting in a jar.”

Possibly, I might feel differently if it hit closer to home. But if I manage to think even a little bit logically in the wake of such tragedy (I guess there’s a chance, albeit slim) I would hope that I realize that the child isn’t coming back, no matter where his or her brain is.

And if I were asked, I would donate the body to science, if there was even the slightest chance of helping others avoid the tragedy I went through.

Of course, I would want to be asked first.

Very strange. Apearently, doctors were taking the organs without getting informed consent, and then just storing them. Most seem never to have been used for research; the presumed reason for having wanted them. Not surprising that this caused an uproar when it came out.

Ironically, it seems likely that had they requested permission, permission would probably have been granted in enough cases to supply as many organs as were actully needed for the amount of research going on.