What's the story on iMesh?

I have not been able to get iMesh to “connect” lately, and I suspect that the manipulations by RIAA are to blame. I have more than 500 song titles on my computer’s files that I still want to play, but they seem to be in Limbo. What’s going on?

  1. Is iMesh still a file sharing service? I haven’t seen it used since around 2001 or 2002?

2 If it is, it’s illegal to discuss its use here.

  1. If the computer files are on your computer, can’t you play them directly from your computer, like in Windows Media Player or something?

Per Wikipedia,

Somewhat related, you should also be aware that account details for 50M iMesh users were put on sale in June of this year. Change your passwords if they are the same as your old iMesh account.

No. Even if I go to Media Player I get a message reading something like “License Required,” and the website I am supposed to go to for this “license” is defunct. RIAA deserves a big hand–right across the mouth. :mad:

Hmm, I’d forgotten. I once tried iMesh, and all I could remember is that I found it completely useless. This explains why.

Why would anyone want such a thing?

As RIAA? I have no idea.

iMesh was actually a legal, RIAA sanctioned P2P service, according to its Wikipedia page. They weren’t originally, but became one when the RIAA sued them. Kinda like Napster.

So it makes sense that all his files had DRM on them. Normal P2P services would not have DRM.

And this is why I don’t trust DRM services, and tend to either strip the DRM or get a DRM-free copy after purchasing.


Thanks. I thought most legal services stopped adding DRM to their music files years ago. I wouldn’t use one that restricted my files.

Well, if iMesh has given up the ghost, I sure WOULD like to have any restrictions removed from those files! I can do without such chutzpah.

I’d try googling around for a program that removes the drm.

What does DRM stand for, anyway?

Digital Rights Management

Thanx :slight_smile:

I have been looking for something that deals with DRM…has anyone found Aimersoft to be a good program for this?

I shouldn’t be surprised if the RIAA and it’s twin outfits eventually press for ownership of every type of musical recording * in existence — even if it is a 78 or those weird little French tracings on glass from the 1850s — and insist on a yearly license paid to them to hear any type of music. Then we’ll have to rely on Congress to battle this Goliath on behalf of the little people.

  • And film, photographs etc…

Considering what Congress is like these days, I would compare that to asking Hitler to protect Anne Frank.


dougie_monty, political potshots are already out of bounds for this forum, and Godwinized political potshots are a poor idea in any forum. Knock it off.