What's the Straight Dope on Rife cancer cure

I just saw a book about a suppressed cancer cure. Here’s one web page and here’s the amazon link.

Anyone familiar with this? What’s the scoop? Any truth to this or another scam?

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Dunno anything about this specific cancer cure, but it’s a dead giveaway that what you’re talking to is a conspiracy theorist when you hear the words “vested interest” and you are told that the medical profession is suppressing a certain technology because “they make all their money from cancer treatments”. The word “they” is also a dead giveaway in this context. Accusations of bribe-taking on the part of any official investigators are also a useful signpost of conspiracy theory, as is the fact that the full story can only be found by buying a copy of the book and/or video.

Hunters in the Middle Ages used to refer to this sort of thing as “fewmets”, meaning deer poop. “Ah, many fewmets in this covert, a large pooping buck must bed down here…”

Does this help? :smiley:

It’s a scam that is used on very sick people, some of whom die as a result of it. The treatment is harmless (about as dangerous as sitting next to a doorbell in fact), but some patients are so desperate that they stop their chemotherapy. Try visiting the Rife page on Quackwatch (it gives both pro and anti references)

and ask yourself one question. Is it likely that that every single doctor specialising in cancer treatment is deliberately letting patients die rather than using a miracle cure?

I always thought that the logic behind the alleged supression of cures was weak.

Any company that produced a cure for cancer would see its stock go through the roof. Hell, one company’s stock price soared after a NYT journalist published a story in which a well-known scientist merely estimated that that company might have a cure within the next 20 years.

I can’t see any benefit behind keeping a genuine cure secret.

Thanks I will check out the ref on quackwatch. It did sound kind of phony to me but with a friend who has cancer I like to explore all the possibilities.

If someone has bought and read the book, please add a review to the amazon.com page. Every review there is a positive one and seeing no negative ones prompted me to write here just in case there was something to it…