What's the techical term for when a bird lays an egg?

To clarify what I mean by the OP:

Ovulation describes the release of an egg from an ovary.

Defecation describes the expulsion of feces from the body. (Someone at work tried to argue that defecation would apply to egg laying, but was shot down when a dictionary specified the anus as the orifice of release.)

What word describes the release of an egg from a bird’s body?

Heck, maybe “laying an egg” is the technical term.

Well the egg is released thru the cloaca, which serves as the oriface for both feces and egg release in avians. Birds lack a true vagina.

oviposit ?

But birds lack the ovipositor, dwyr. The term just screams the presence of said organ.

Hmm. Oviposit seems to be used more often in relation to insects and reptiles. I’ve only found one site so far that calls hens laying eggs oviposition.

So basically I’ve been useless.

eh, you managed to help me raise my post count.

On second thought, that’s pretty useless too.

Carcass Traits, Ovarian Morphology and Egg Laying Characteristics in Early Versus Late Maturing Strains of Commercial Egg-Type Hens


Ovoposition is technically correct for birds as well as reptiles, amphibians, insects, and anything else that lays eggs. However, in the case of birds it’s rarely used. Even ornithologists just say egg laying, or sometimes egg deposition.