What's the weirdest thing you saw today?

At annual office Halloween chili, brownie, and costume contest:

A diminuitive Osama bin Laden, dressed in black robe, white turban and…patent leather high-heels.

Someone dressed in fatigues coming to work carrying a plastic machine gun.

Oh, you said weirdest, not stupidest. sorry

A bearded nun using a pay phone.

A neon yellow ghost thing carrying a big white sack as large as Santa Claus would have. He/She/It was carrying it down the street, more like dragging it being followed by goblins and a neon orange cone thing.

A few posts by SavedByJesus.

This kid at school wearing a complete attire of tin foil. Actually I didn’t see him, but I was told about him. And even more disturbing, my good friend was a pimp. He had the feather thing, pimpin’ hat, and a nice trenchcoat that looked rather pimpy. A day of disturbing events, indeed. And lastly, my best friend’s dad using his stomach as a table. Think Homer.

~(your name here)

A guy dressed as the moment of conception.

[think zygotes… what were you thinking you dirty person you]

Biiiiiiiiig pink swirly moo-moo with styrofoam sperm all over it, and a few trailing behind on fishing line.

Weird, yes. Surprising, completely not [the guy’s a theatre student].

REAL soldiers with REAL rifles over their backs, and fingers slipped through the triggers.

I flew to LA this morning, and boy are my arms tired. Hi, LA Dopers !!! :smiley: I wish to god I actually thought I could arrange at least a breakfast, but seeing my schedule for the Emmy broadcast, I’m buried. At least I’m here in body and spirit. So, any great restaurants in Century City??


You know my Dad once knew a guy who had a tattoo of your name on his penis, well just the “your name” part. Not today but definately wierd.

Myself in a mirror. I taught all my PE classes today dressed in a tuxedo. With sneakers, of course.

Person dressed as Rapunzel. Body was the tower, head was the girl, and had hair going to the ground.

I second the notion.

That sounds kind of uncomfortable. :wink:

Elvis sold me coffee at Bruggers this morning.

My French teacher was a French Maid. Short skirt, feather duster and all.

Now I’m going to have nightmares of MY old French teacher dressed like that… :::shudder::: the horror!

I posted a thread a while wondering if anyone has seen any OBL costumes. (The thread was locked, because it duplicated this discussion.)

Well, after an hour and a half of handing out candy, I encountered two burqas. Didn’t expect that in the slice of American middle class suburbia that I now call home.

Nixon driving a Rolls Royce. I am not joking. (This is LA, btw.) I laughed my ass off.

A man dressed as a slutty Mrs. Claus, complete with go-go boots.