What's the WORSE part of valor?

Everyone’s heard the phrase “Discretion is the better part of valor.” If valor has a better part, it must have a worse part. What is it? Running your mouth? Smelly feet? Posting lame threads like this one? Someone tell me!

I would reckon it’s running madly at an enemy you haven’t a chance against because you’re afraid someone will think you were a coward.

Any other guesses?

I always thought that “better part” meant something more along the lines of “biggest portion of”. Sort of like 5/7 being the better part of 1.

the worse part of valor? WAG: the letter “v”???

Well from my point of veiw, the worse part of valor is skewering the villain, you have no idea what that’s done to my life insurance premium. Of course some would say that the worst part of valor is being so hopelessly idealistic that you don’t realize someone’s a traitor until they stick a knife in your back, but that’s one of my favorite parts :evil grin:.

I still think the worse part of valor is getting your spleen blown out your back, sudden and unpleasant.

Ok folks … you are all being way too literal. Valor is not just running at an enemy with your hat waving instead of a drawn sword. Valor is a state of mind.

Bearing that in mind … the worst part of valor is that sometimes you have no choice but to be a gentleman on the first date :smiley:

The better part is the larger part. The worse part is also the larger part, so the worse part of valor is also disgression.


It’s “discretion” people, not “disgression”! DISCRETION!

NoNoNo. It’s digression. Digression is the better part of valor.

This thread has become mostly valourous…

Is digression even a word? Discretion means, basically (and not totally . . . I don’t feel like looking in a f888ing dictionary) thinking before you act. Digressing means getting (in essense, again no dictionary) off the subject, which we appear to be doing. Technically digression could be a word (in the same sense that abstemiously (see column on words with aeio and u in order) could be a word) though I’ve personally never seen it before.

Wake me when this gripping thread’s finished. Digestion is the better part of valium.

It is.
digression n. 1. the act of digressing. 2. a passage or section that deviates from the central theme in speech or writing.
To digress, btw would be “to wander away from the main topic or argument in speaking or writing.” Although we use a different term around these parts.