What's the worst city in the US?

What is the worst city in the US? Where uglyness, crime, unemployment, and poverty make it a place you wouldn’t want to be. Plus other factors (tax base being on welfare, poor infrastructure, vacant industries), that make a comeback pretty unlikely.

Gary, Indiana has my vote. The downtown area is so empty that trees are growing out of the roofs and even renovation projects (hotel, convention center) stand empty. The residential areas may have only one house to a block because of the vacant lots. Besides being perhaps the ugliest place I’ve seen, statistically, it’s at the wrong end of crime, income, and unemployment numbers.

Some other candidates among the places I’ve seen:
East St Louis, Illinois
Camden, New Jersey
Flint, Michigan
Butte, Montana
Highland Park, Michigan

Gary, Indiana has my vote, too.

I understand that Detroit averages 16 gun shot ER Trauma cases every Friday and Saturday night. That’s kinda freaky.

True, but there’s a chance that Detroit might rebound. Gary is pretty much sunk.

Well, Fargo N. Dakota bored the living shit out of me.
But that’s not in your list of criteria, is it?:smiley:

It probably all started to go to hell with that awful song:

Gary, In-di-AN-a
Gary, IN-di-an-a
Gary, In-di-an-A

Greenville, TX. Highest per-capita murder rate in Texas more often than not. Right on the crossroads of several drug-trafficking routes, 50 miles outside of Dallas. Very segregated, very depressed economy, most people who work do so through temp agencies for a few cents over minimum.

I miss the place.

GAH-ree Indiana Gary IN-diana Gary Indiana, let me say it once again…

And here I was going to go with Compton…

Hey, the Jackson 5 were from Gary :slight_smile:

My vote: Newark, NJ

with East Chicago, IN a close second.

East Saint Louis no doubt. Never will you find a finer example of mismanagement and lost opportunity. It belongs in a textbook.

I vote Newark, NJ, even though I’ve only been in the airport… it’s that bad. Bithlo, FL is pretty bad too although I don’t know if you’d count 11 junkyards, a general store, and a McDonald’s as a “city”.

While Alabamans are indeed fine people, the state itself sucks IMHO. There is nothing pretty about it physically and summer in Huntsville will make you wish you were dead.

East St. Louis is pretty bad, too. When I was a teenager my church’s youth group went to St. Louis, MO to some kinda conference and our bus broke down in ESL. That was a scary 4 or so hours before we got a new bus shudder

according to the FBI and the Justice Dept.and this site
Baltimore is the worst of the top 25 largest cities in the US.

Surprising huh?

I used to think my own hometown (El Paso, TX) was the armpit of America, with the armpit of Mexico (Cd. Juarez) squeezed up against it…like some bizarre wrestling move. However East St. Louis makes me glad to be here. At least the murder rate is relatively low - on this side of the border at least. But El Paso is probably the ugliest city in the United States.

I’ve never been to B-more, I guess I am lucky. A friend of mine had to go there for business and the guard at the hotel door wouldn’t let him leave the hotel on foot.

I had to go to downtown Newark, NJ once for business. They have an elevated covered sidewalk there (I presume so you won’t have to “mix” with the people on the street). When we got to the office, the lady we had to meet with said some people in the office might appear a bit upset today, they found a body in the trunk of a car in the parking garage, AGAIN.

Worst city to navigate? I vote for Boston. Although, Beantown is a decent city.

I’ve been to El Paso.

I’ve been to Baltimore.

I’ve been to Newark.

I’ve been to Flint.

I’ve been to Huntsville.

I’ve been to Detroit.

Gary, Indiana takes the prize.

Naturally, people who visit a city once or twice a year (or perhaps never) will have a different view than those who actually live there. Perhaps one helpful criterion could be that the person nominating the city must have lived (or still be living) in the city. This is because as a rule people tend to see their hometowns as they are, perhaps even leaning toward being proud of their city. So their complaining against it might carry a bit more weight than an observation from a business traveler or tourist.

I’ve been to Georgia and California
and anywhere I could run
Took the hand of a preacher man
and we made love in the sun…

I disagree Spoke-. You’ve never been to Huntsville Alabama.
If you’d been to Huntsville Alabama, you’d never want to leave.

_[>>>Los Angeles, California<<<

LA is not a Great Big Freeway. LA is a prison where the world is roped away by an endless series of intrusive rules and laws.

An affront to the spirit of freemen.