What's there to do in Whistler if you don't ski or snowboard?

Our family was invited to go stay at Whistler for a few days next month. This will be our first time there, and our first time skiing or snowboarding, but my husband’s back won’t allow him to participate. Plus, I doubt the rest of us will be on the slopes for all that long everyday. What’s it like there, and what else is there to do?

Ziplines: http://www.ziptrek.com/

Relax and appreciate the scenery. Just the drive there is beautiful. Honestly if I had a free place to crash and the time I’d not pass it up.

Also, go on a walk/hike/snowshoe/cross country ski (as far as your physical condition allows).

Check out the Peak to Peak Gondala for some nice views of the mountains. Walk around the little village, which has tons of shops and excellent restaurants (although a little expensive). If you’re in to Hell’s Kitchen, definitely check out Araxi. I imagine that the Olympics have left some interesting relics to look at.

We were on a BC tour and was at Whistler towards the end of summer and obviously there’s no snow. We rode the lifts up and down the mountains for some spectacular views. The town is also very nice.

I don’t what there is to do in canada… I just moved to whistler I am trying to figure out fun things to do.
The one thing that I know I will be attending is Pemberton Music Festival was just announced. I went a few years ago and had a blast I hope this years will be even better.

Say hi to Steve. I heard he lives in Canada.

Necro thread… I was going to respond that I don’t think there’ snow this time of year until I saw the date of the OP