What's this about faked documents re: Iraq?

AZCowboy brought this up in the Blix thread, but it deserves a discussion of its own: Some Evidence on Iraq Called Fake

Anyone wanna speculate on a) who in the world would fabricate these documents, and b) how in the world our intelligence guys “fell for it”? Also, what does it mean for our case for war? (These questions are assuming that the head of the IAEA, Mohammed El-Baradei, is on the up-and-up; anyone know for sure?)

Until now I’ve never read anything doubting him, but of course…

Still, from the article:

Emphasis added.

Hard to avoid the impression someone got caught with their hand in the cookie jar. It seems oddly like the special intelligence dossier that the British Government produced, that turned out not to be so special, nor intelligent.

Ahem. I started a thread on this.

Anyway there is no question that the IAEA is right since the WaPo article quotes an American official as admitting that they were fooled.

But yes there is the interesting question of who forged those documents and why? Presumably the Americans/Brits know who gave them the documents. Let’s hope there is enough public outcry to force an investigation.

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