What's this massive building on the NC/SC border?

Google Maps link. This thing is pretty big - almost 1800 feet long, and it actually straddles the border between North and South Carolina.

Street View of the back of it. Just pan left and right, this is a large building.

So what is it? The lack of windows suggests some kind of warehouse/distribution centre, as do all the trucks lined up out the front.

Related question: how come you’re allowed to build a building that straddles a state line? I’d have thought this would cause all sorts of political headaches.

I believe that Carowinds Amusement Park is at that location. It’s a pretty big theme park. Could be one of the maintenance buildings.

Looks like a Black and Decker building.

Edit - well, I can’t get the streetview link to work (it comes up just as a map), but if you do streetview right on Choate Drive where the driveway is on the north side, there’s a sign.

Yes - if you google 15040 Choate Circle, Charlotte, NC, it’s both Kwikset, and Black and Decker.

That’s a lot of power drills.

BTW, bup - to get the link to work, you need to go into the view you want and then click where it says “Link” above the map screen at the right. Then copy and paste it from the window that pops up.

Yup, it’s Black and Decker’s Fort Mill distribution center.

Believe they will have a clearance outlet open to the public at that location opening soon.

There is an equally massive building if you pan south east to the other side of I-77. Using street view I was able to find a sign at the entrance that says ROSS. A quick google search shows me that this building is a distribution center for Ross clothing company. I suspect that your building is probably a distribution center for some other company, given how much alike they look.

I’d a guessed South of the (North Carolina) Border. ¡You come veesit Pedro een beeg beelding, amigo!

Definitely a distribution center and not a factory.

I would guess its a Wal-Mart Distribution Center.

Yeah, that was my first thought, too.

Guesses are not welcome in GQ, particularly after the question has already been answered.